A Pro Encounter (with a Razorback Connection)

So this morning my wife & I were paired with another Club Member and his guest. This guest, built like a linebacker, was hitting his irons farther than I was hitting my driver. Now I’m not a particularly long hitter, so this wasn’t all that unusual. What was unusual was the various factoids that came up during idle chit-chat between holes: he was 40, he was retired, and he was a stay-at-home dad (while his wife was furthering her own career).

My curiosity (nosiness) finally got the best of me so I came right out and asked: “Okay, what exactly is your life story, here?” He replied, “I played baseball.”

After a little pestering, he finally opened up. He was a catcher from 2009-2018 for Cleveland, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Texas, Minnesota, and Chicago (Cubs). [Explains the long hitting.]

The “Razorback Connection?…

He caught for Cliff Lee & Jess Todd, and was also teammates with Logan Forsythe.

Name: Chris Gimenez

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