A potential good problem?

It looks like our D Line class is filling up very nicely.

RD, how many do you see us taking at either spot?

Do we have a spot for another DE? If so, Is it about to be a race to see who commits first between Collin Clay and Kendall Young?

You got a think we will take Enoch Jackson all day long. And I would think that we would always save a spot for Marcus Miller since it appears that him and Burks are a package deal.

That would put us at 7 DLs, which is 1/3 of our projected class at the moment, but I don’t know how you say no to any of those guys.

RD/DD, just curious as to what you guys thought?

I think you do take another DE. I’m never one to say Arkansas will for sure only take this amount of kids at a position because even the coaches can change their minds and the number go up or down.

Kendall Young could also play LB.

I don’t mind over-committing. We can count on 1 or 2 changing their minds or having grade issues or other things. Somebody might be able and willing to grayshirt.

Arkansas is more likely to take 23-25, than 20-21.

I can see them taking as many eight on the D-line and as many as 13-14 on defense.

With as many as 10 -11 on offense.

There’s sure to be more roster turnover, guys who will be newly eligible to grad transfer, etc. not everyone in this system fits and they will know that sooner than later.

I’m sure spots open up over time and we sign more than expected.

Also, over signing DL is a good problem. The best teams have too much talent at DL!

I’m not concerned about having too many on the team, but more talking about the number of spots in this class in relation to other positions

If they are high quality players, I say take as many as you can get. We will need the depth at DL and DE and see a lot of guys rotating in and out. If our offense moves at the pace CCM is wanting then I would think you would want as many bodies as you can have at DL and DE to keep guys fresh! I think this is a good problem we are finally starting to have!

Burks is a MUST get. We can’t let a homegrown athlete of this caliber leave the state. Please !!