A positive and a negative

NEVER underestimate the impact of the Arkansas fan base on Twitter. I promise you it makes a major impact. I hear it all the time.

The negative is the airfare into XNA for unofficial visits. It can be outrageous especially when parents and kids try to make last second plans. I know we’ve discussed both but I keep hearing both on a consistent basis.

Is it more expensive flying into XNA than 1 hour away to Ft Smith. Probably about the same and more hassle.

I’m guessing it’s cheaper. But who picks up the kids and family. Would the U of A pay me to haul these kids around if I started a business, LOL

Another question is how many people are we talking about??

Invest in the stretch limo sir. Pro-bono runs for recruits & family.

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Fort Smith only gets about five flights a day on American and Delta. Much easier to get into XNA which has more flights and more airlines.

Looks like airfare everywhere is going up, since jet fuel is a big chunk of the cost and it’s going up like the rest of fuel prices.

Tulsa is normally more reasonable. That is normally where I go when flying into area.

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Was just going to post this. Yes, a 2 hour drive but not bad at all…I made it many times when I was doing a lot of work in Tulsa back in the day.

Just talked to a parent that was amazed by the fans tweeting at this person’s son. Positive way.


Regional Airports are high as a giraffes butt - Lafayette is the same way, I usually drive to New Orleans and fly from there

Actually TUL is far better and cheaper than FSM & XNA…

Are we really the best fans? Or only in our minds?

Arkansas Twitter is lively so if you want lots of replies and likes, it’s the place. But it’s a nutty bunch, and they can turn on kids and other fans quickly.

I think the passion is as good as it gets. It bleeds over onto Twitter in the way fans blow up kids social media.

The passion doesn’t always show up with butts in the seats.

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