A Perspective on this year and the Future

I can’t help it when we lose, I am down. I have to have a night of sleep, see the next morning that sun has come out and I am still alive. So, this is the story of us Razorback Junkies. In perspective it wasn’t a bad year, knowing the fact the conference was much stronger than we ever imagined. The media thinks ACC is the best basketball conference. Dick Vitale thinks SEC is the best. We finished SEC 10-8, same as KY, and overall we are 23-11. In the final analysis, we finished as one of the elites, top 4: AU, TN, KY, & AR. Considering what is coming next year, If this doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will. Reggie Chaney, PF-C, 6-8, 230; Keyshawn Embry, PG, 6-4, 187; Ethan Henderson, F, 6-9, 190; Isaiah Joe, SG, 6-4, 170; Desi Sills, PG, 6-1, 170; Jordan Phillips, SG, 6-7, 210. We should be able to keep up and compete with the “Joneses” in the coming years. Next, NCAA; I hope the coach gives the players some needed rest, let them get their legs back, ready to go.

my question is this: say Gafford stays. which seems to make sense that he will. out of that group is there a four that can come in and score, even 8-10 consistently a game? and rebound 5-6? if we had an aggressive four, and I mean someone that wants to rip the goal down on every play I think we could potentially be pretty good. this year everyone knows majority of points coming from guards and when then shut them down we don’t have a chance.

I hate to add some coal to the stocking here, but we were not in the top 4. When
it was all said and done and the wrinkles skaken out we were 6th place out of 14
teams. That is only 1 removed from middle of the pack. We had a good season,
with a couple of head scratching losses away from a great season, and I’m hopeful
the future will be a bright one and we can really get back to elite form.

I’m just happy for the strength of the SEC this year. That fact alone puts us above
the bubble talk we have been use to at this time of year, because without that
perceived strength the SEC would be back to 4-5 teams maybe a 6th and if that was
the case we would be again on the bubble.

It is not where you start, it is where you finish.
Remember, we sent Florida home. They were supposed to
play TN.

Your logic is either conflicting or oxymoronic. We finished 6th as you said (most Hog fans would say tied for 4th) in a strong SEC conference and you say that is why we are not on the bubble. Well, if SEC was not as strong, does it not reason to say we would finish a lot higher than tired for 4th and will make the tourney under your 4-5 teams making NCAAT scenario?

One, we finished tied for fourth in the SEC standings in which there are unbalanced schedules. Florida finished one game ahead of us, and our only matchup in the regular season was in Gainesville. We controlled them on a neutral court with less rest to erase that one game lead and get to the SECT semifinals. We have as much a right to say that we are in the top four as anyone. If you are ranking SEC seasons, we are no worse than fifth. Nobody believes Missouri had a better year than we did. They won two less games on an easier schedule.

Two, we haven’t been on the bubble on Selection Sunday since 2014, when it busted. A #5 seed, a #8 seed, and a #6 of #7 seed are not on the bubble. If the SEC were weaker, it’s easy to believe that we would have more wins and still not be on the bubble.

Correct. We haven’t been a true bubble team that got in since 2007, when we were a 12 and SoCal whipped us soundly. A 5, 8 and whatever we get this evening ain’t bubblicious. And we did tie for fourth, tiebreakers not withstanding, in a league that is going to get eight bids.