A painful stat`

For him, not for us: Heston Kjerstad is third in the nation in getting drilled, with 11 HBPs this season.

Casey Martin is tied for 14th in homers with 7. Eric Cole is tied for 32nd with 6.

In team stats, we’re T-14 in ERA at 2.63. As previously noted, second in the nation in HRs with 39. Sixth in batting average at .327. Fourth in scoring at 9.3 runs per game. Second in slugging percentage at .568. 89th in fielding at .973.

If he keeps this up, he could challenge Collin Kuhn for the number times hit by pitch (25 times in 2010 season and 53 times in his career from 2009-11).

Andrew Hutchinson, who used to work for us, said the other day that Kjerstad is on pace to break Colin Kuhn’s school record for HBPs in a season. I think that record was 25, set in 2010.

You are correct Matt. That is the number shown in the media guide.

No national stats on this, but you could kinda guess it from the scoring stats: Opposing pitchers have a 9.49 ERA against us (higher than our scoring average because of the times we didn’t bat in the ninth with a lead, or the Sunday game with USC that hit an eighth-inning curfew). Tennessee Tech’s opponents have a 10.17 ERA thanks to all those dingers.

Kuhn was right on top of the plate the year he was hit 25 times. Had the old bat and could hit jammed pitches out. He was out over the plate.

Next year the bats changed. Could no longer get the barrel around on inside pitches and if he hit them on label they were soft fly balls to medium depth and outs. His average slid big time. Eventually he got off the plate.

I love it. He’s not shying away from inside pitches. Tough kid.

I know it will be impossible to repeat last weekend but if this team continues to show plate discipline the way they did it will be very hard to get through this lineup without damage.so much power and patience…off speed pitches are the only thing I see them have a little trouble with but they usually lay off them and they are not strikes…looking forward to the rematch with Fla and their ace.I’m sure he remembers the beatdown we gave him in the SECT

Hitting goes in cycles. The key is to hit the misses by the pitchers. There are generally misses. When you are going in a bad cycle, you either miss the misses or you take them. Against Kentucky, if there was a hanger, they blasted it. If it was a pitch out of the zone, they didn’t bite. I know several players said they hit hanging sliders out of the park. And, they all said when they got a pitch to hit, they didn’t miss. They got the barrel on the ball.