A note on Illinois State

Illinois State has been kind of hit and miss offensively this year, but one of the days it was on was Feb. 23 at Oklahoma. The pitcher that day was Dane Acker, who threw a no-hitter in his next start vs. LSU. But against Illinois State, Acker allowed 5 runs on 6 hits and 3 walks in 7 innings.

I asked Illinois State coach Steve Holm about that before the game.

“If you can get to a guy like that, you know you can get to some other guys that are going to be on our schedule,” Holm said. “We’ve just got to use that as kind of a positive for our guys and build from there.”

Illinois State got to Arkansas’ bullpen last night with 6 runs - 5 earned - in 7 innings. The Razorbacks had been really good in relief up until that point. In Houston the bullpen only gave up two earned runs in 13 2/3 innings.

yeah I thought they had some very good AB against us and wondered why they hit so poorly in most games.

They looked like a team that could hit the fast ball. And, I didn’t think our bullpen guys were getting their breaking stuff over. Young pitchers have to understand that it is the breaking ball that will get them through a tough inning. I will never forget Dave Jorn telling me that he wanted that first pitch strike and it would usually be a fast ball, but that in tough innings you better be able to throw that breaker.

One of my favorite pitchers to watch at Arkansas has been Jalen Beeks. He would throw that breaker over and over for strikes and never hang it once. If the bases were loaded, he’d come out of the pen spinning strikes. And, from the lefty side. Tough, tough, tough to do that.

I totally agree…way too often I have seen us groove a fastball right down the pipe it really doesn’t matter if it’s 93 to 95 miles an hour if it’s down the middle and not moving,batters are going to be ready to tee off on the fastball on the first pitch. I think Trest an Morris both have got to learn to use the breaking ball more and to elevate the fastball much like Cronin did ,if not they’re going to continue to get the ball hit very hard on the fastball because to me it does not look like it’s moving much at all and it’s right down the pipe.

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