A Note for Nate

Nate Allen wrote today in the ADG about the environment at BWA. He mentioned football tangentially, but I want to note it here.

First, I have been a critic of Nate’s writing but today’s article was amazing. Thanks to Nate for calling out UA for overriding UA tradition in favor of canned “entertainment.” 6000 people left in RRS and half from the other team? I get it, but for the bulk of games let the cheerleaders, band, and fans do their thing. Nate gets it.

It was about basketball but it deserves mention here as well.

Thanks, Nate!

One more idea for those in charge of selling tickets which is becoming more and more difficult due to big screen HDTVs, a poor product on the field, etc.

Not everybody wants to “work” to enjoy the tailgating experience. Weekends are for fun and the idea of hauling grills, chairs, TVs etc up is not everybody’s idea for fun. For those that don’t want to do all of that, but want to enjoy everything that comes with tailgating ( food, drink, music, watching other games) put together something similar to what Texass did last season in an effort to improve the overall game day experience.

Inside the stadium is important, but so is the buildup to the game outside the stadium.

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.burnto … -del-conte

The UA is doing the same thing to basketball that it has done to Football, taken the fan out of the equation. Bring back the days of a Jim Robkin and the Pep Band that fired up the crowd and made it impossible to hear yourself think and get rid of all the canned crap and sponsorship announcements, etc.

I know that some people at Arkansas have studied what they did at Texas last season. I expect there to be some of those elements make their way into the Razorbacks’ football game days in 2019.

Excellent! Hope changes like this come to fruition.

Rare, a Texas idea that’s not self-serving… also, it’s a good idea. That Woolly Mammoth might actually be brought back to life.

I recently attended a Las Vegas Knights game here in LV. I’ve never been a hockey fan, mainly due to lack of exposure, but it was truly an experience in itself.

There’s lots of music. A drum line high in the arena but shown on all the TV screens. Lots of cameras that include the crowd in the action. Cameramen walking around. A big balloon with multitudes of cameras. Drones. Never pick your nose in the arena!

Cheerleaders move around through the aisles urging the crowd to be loud. Lots of video messages to be loud. The canned music is loud but used appropriately. There’s a crazy fan who roams the aisles in timeouts taking off layers of shirts that he throws to the crowd.

After the game there is a lineup of ushers, wait staff, cheerleaders, etc, lining the way out shaking hand with fans.

Hunter and some of his staff might take a visit there for some ideas. I hope they don’t copy the $16 beers though :beer::beer::beer::beer:

But I don’t want a college game experience to mimic a professional event. I want a pep band and college cheers, etc.

Cutback the commercials —plz!!

Bingo. It’s what makes college (and even HS) sports so wonderful. There’s no pageantry around pro sports. The “cheerleaders” are cheer leaders, they’re dancers in skimpy outfits. There are no bands, no alma maters or fight songs sung or played. No half time bands. Nothing but the cold efficiency of paid athletes. That’s fine if that’s all you want, but to me it’s just not the same. The CFP championship game had a professional half-time show. That’s just not college sports. Sucks.

The halftime show at the CFP was outside the stadium; in fact, it was 50 miles away in San Francisco from what I understand. For all we know the Clemson and Bama bands may have both performed inside the stadium, but we didn’t see it.

Really? I wasn’t aware of that? So no one in the stadium even saw that show? Hell, why even play it during the half time? If that’s the idea, just play an old Andy Griffith re-run or something. I might have watched that.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://accfootballrx.blogspot.com/2018 … -show.html”>https://accfootballrx.blogspot.com/2018/12/2019-cfp-championship-halftime-show.html</LINK_TEXT>

My guess is they probably played Imagine Dragons on the videoboard but I don’t know for sure. They could also have let the bands perform.