A nice read from Clay about Coaching staff impressions

I was around for the 77 year and remember Breaux and Jesse Branch designing plays after midnight at IHOP. I had the privilege of coaching Coach Branch’s son in flag football and man were we badass. No denying Kiffin, but is it Kiffin or Jimmy Johnson as most famous DC?

Time to take a chill for me (15 degrees here so it is easy) and just see how the Coach Morris staff is assembled. Hoping that it is not Carroll College like as in Petrino choices.

In 2016 Clay did a pertinent piece on his favorite staffs:

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … ll-staffs/

I think that Kane Wommack is showing great promise as a future DC at the big time level. Not ready for UofA? don’t know and truly understand he is not impressive enough to be hired on this staff, but I do know the Wommacks like the Allens and Lunneys are good people for NWA. I’d be happy if the news is that Chavis with Caldwell and Cooper are the beginning of the staff. All three are better in a synergistic way in my mind.

A&M haS us over the barrel until Feb 7 and I anticipate them putting the screw pressure on the new AD until the signing day has come and gone. I also assume until fired that Chavis counts for total coaching number at A&M. Seems like a game of chicken until Chavis is fired. Irony is that Jimbo w2as after Aranda and seems to have lost, but that would have gotten Chavis officially fired and on the market at a price that AR can afford. We are money tight, very tight.

http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/ … 16e30.html

Cooper? First name on r last