A name to keep in mind

Would be fantastic if he is able to get the DL coach from Georgia! He is related to former Razorback Keith Kidd!

Looks like he may be keeping Caldwell if he is out recruiting with him.

Confirmed Davis is there too

Interesting that BL is not with them. I thought BL would have been an automatic to be on a Pittman staff but Pittman and HY comments yesterday make me believe that BL may be leaving. If Pittman felt good about keeping BL it seems he would have said something like he has done a great job and I hope he stays. What Pittman and HY both said was … ask BL. Sounds like an offer in some capacity was made to BL but that BL may not accept.

Maybe BL has been offered a position on Taylor’s staff? A higher position and one he can’t pass up? Maybe he is pondering his options? Either way, I would hate to lose BL because it very well may mean for sure the door is closed on the TE’s we had committed. Plus he is our 1 link to the state but have to trust in SP on it.

What does Barry want to do? If he wants to be the HC of the Razorbacks or some other FBS program some day he needs to go somewhere else become an OC, build a network, etc.

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Sounds like Caldwell may be staying around, He has plenty of Arkansas connections.

I’ve been checking on Lunney’s Twitter page since nobody seems to have talked to him. It still says he’s the UA tight end coach, so he hasn’t changed it.

Absolutely true and given his experience of the last two game as being coach, I think that has focused him to seek this type of opportunity for himself. I wish him well in whatever path he choses to follow.

Exactly. For his own good, it’s probably best to leave. And I’m not saying that I want him to go or that he’s done a poor job. It’s just in his best interest to build a network outside of Arkansas.

Brad Davs is a great first hire, checks all the boxes and hit the ground running. All is done except for the formal announcement.

My thoughts exactly. If Pittman isn’t offering him the OC job, I doubt he stays. He wants to be the head hog, and he knows he needs to make the next step to make it happen.

Davis is a good O line coach. There will be comments that he under performed at Florida and this last year at Mizzou but both schools were struggling with getting players on the field due to injuries, transfers and some recruits not working out. Davis did very good job when he had tools to work with and Pittman will make sure to have those players in place. Maybe a short time frame for talent and depth to be integrated but Davis is much better coach than Fry and I do not mean to speak negatively of him but Davis has more experience and much more in Group 5 level.

I could see CSP telling Barry that he needs him to stay at least one more year, and then he’ll help him find that perfect next job. Critical for him to be here over the next 12 months…but if you want to stay longer, all the better.