A name to keep in mind

for the OL job could be Brad Davis who’s been at Mizzou the last two seasons.

Why would he waste money on an OL coach ??

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He’s not going to coach the OL too.

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I thought that was the whole reason to hire him because of how great of recruits he is going to bring in and develope on the oline.

I would think he would be somewhat involved with the line , wouldn’t you?

He’d be involved with the OL coach

Somewhat but being over the entire team will be his main focus.

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Richard any ideas on coordinators?

He’s the Head Coach and will have a OL and other position coaches. You guys know that.

I was just looking at the UGa staff to see if there’s anyone he might bring with him. Probably not a coordinator (at least not at UGa) but maybe a young position coach. Maybe this guy:

Cortez Hankton


Cortez looks like a keeper, but the PittBoss would know for sure.

Georgia people on Twitter are afraid Sam will take several assistants with him. No clue who though.

If he brought anyone, he’d bring T. Scott, who is from Arkansas. DL coach

Yep, need to bring him back to Arkansas.

Arkansas Tech grad

Yeahp. Very good recruiter

This will impact Ga. more than you think.

I’m hearing Davis is with Pittman and Caldwell for Stewart’s In-home.


Did Pittman and Caldwell coach together att AR?

No they did not