A name to keep an eye on

OL Ricky Stromberg who’s committed to Tulas.


1st P5 offer.

Did well with Cunningham and the other guy, I don’t want to look up how to spell his name.

But this is falling back in line with his original recruiting.

Must have lost someone who they expected to sign.

You not wanna try spelling Nwanna?

It’s about covering bases.

They would have taken Roberson, too, remember.

Might say more about QB grad transfer

Was talking about his first name, couldn’t remember his last name.

Or lack thereof … ???

You could be right but this feels exactly like a reach because of someone being lost.

That may be the case, but that’s not the info we are hearing.

Expecting this to happen fairly soon after he talks to the Tulsa coaches.

He visited back in Feb.

247 has him as a 4 star and rivals has him as a 2 so the composite is 3 star. Not sure the story but could be a late bloomer?

He must not have attended a Rivals camp.

No, not all 3 stars with no P5 offers are late bloomers. They are bodies that the staff hopes works out.

Can’t sign a class full of high school recruits (OL) and hope every one of them is a diamond in the rough/late bloomer.

We have two nice juco OL, but largely whiffed on the high school guys.

HUDL https://www.hudl.com/profile/4379512/Richard-Stromberg

Very good looking player…has good pad level and a mean streak…would love to have him…

This kid can play! Take a look at his senior video. He can play on either side of the ball. He has a mean streak about him! He was named to the First Team All-State at Offensive Line. We can always use kids like this.

He looks like a quality OL who probably should have more offers. He would be a good get in order to open the door for more Tulsa Union players. That is definitely fertile ground upon which we need to a pipeline.

Also he plays in the second highest classification in Oklahoma plus meeting Youdaman approval :sunglasses:

this kid has been well coached is much better than 2-3 who have already committed.you watch his film and he already knows how to combo block and drive his feet which is something I saw very little of this yr with our OL… Love this guy need to get him!