A name from the past

many will remember Zeke Pike, who was recruited by Petrino. I know some fans mocked him when he went through a very dark spell, but glad to see him back on track.


Good for him! Wasn’t he from Colorado?

Always good to see someone with the help of God overcome an addiction problem. Glad for him.


That’s right.

Thanks for that.

Zeke played High School Football in the Northern Kentucky area that I’ve lived in for the past 19 years at Dixie Heights High School.
His father played college football at Notre Dame and several years in the NFL.
Zeke was a big, strong armed QB, but as you’ve read made some horrible choices in his teenage years with problems with alcohol and drugs.
The final straw was a date rape drug issue.
This young man grew up with privilege and felt he could simply do whatever he wanted to do and get away with it as happens more often probably than we ever here about.
I’m glad to here that he has found Christ and has begun to get his life on the right track, for we have all sinned and come short of the glory of god.
Perhaps this is the journey that he was meant to take in his life to make a larger impact on this earth than any he might have been able to do as a football player.
Good luck Zeke, I wish nothing but the best for you and your future.

Dudley and I saw some of that firsthand. Glad he’s matured.


Thanks for the post. I wish the young man and his mission much success and blessings.