A’Montae Spivey visit update

“Great visit and absolutely loved every bit of it coaching staff players and environment,” he said.

The Hogs are No.1 now after his unofficial visit. He plans to OV for the Bama game.

On my phone, but he’s a RB from Alabama.

In your personal opinion RD, what RB do you feel will jump on board first? Seems that several are highly interested in Arkansas, but only 1 spot to fill.

I think Spivey will. Also if he does and say a Marcus Major wants to come they will take him. So basically their plan is to take one, but if the right one wants to come they’ll take two. Got that clarified yesterday.

So is Marcus major the only one in that category that they would be willing to bump up to 2 rbs for? Or is Young, Barlow and Doerue there as well?

No, he’s just an example.