A Mere 2 Points Away

from a 15-3 record in the SEC. Man, those Vandy and Bama losses really sting right now. A decent to good season but a season filled with missed opportunities as well. Reminds me of the Mike Anderson years. Muss gave us all a glimpse of what Razorback basketball can be again making the run to the elite 8 last year. I’m hoping he can take that next step and make Arkansas truly GREAT again. But for the life of me, I don’t understand why Muss won’t take full advantage of the timeouts allotted to him during games. It’s his one glaring weakness as a coach, imo. Our shot selection to either win or tie at the end of games has been abysmal this season.

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I haven’t seen that as a problem

Tennessee was reeling. Time outs late would have helped them



That 5 minute review helped them. We had momentum.


I love Muss, but I wish our bench players (who inevitably get forced into action like today’s game late in the season) were brought along slowly during the year. It just feels like a couple more guys could get a few minutes here and there so they do not look lost or uncomfortable when forced into action. Glad he is our coach.


A loss is a loss and I’ve never liked one for the Hogs but…we did have a few attempts there at the end
to either tie or win outright. In Thompson-Boling arena against a tough Tennessee team that’s enough to ask for. We had a shot. Thanks Razorbacks for a GREAT regular season of college basketball 2021-22.
The SEC Tourney as well as March Madness are CALLING THE HOGS!
Hoping the very best for all of you in your future life endeavors. RAZORBACKS FOREVER! GHG!


I dont disagree. The ball in jd’s hands got us the ftm’s needed to keep it close, but not the made deep balls we needed to win. Muss did use a couple of late tos and barnes called a couple muss took advantage of. One more in the last few seconds might have been the diff…but probably not.

If you had told me at the beginning of conference play we would go 13-5 than I would have been pretty happy, given the strength in the top half of the conference . We won a lot of close games in conference this year against really good teams, so I can’t what-if it much on the close losses. We had a real good conference season, particularly after an 0-3 start.


It is a problem. Muss should’ve called at least 2 more timeouts when Tenn was scorching the nets from the 3-pt line in the 1st half. The best way to break an opponent’s shooting rhythm is to call a timeout and get everyone back on the same page defensively! Don’t just let a team continually scorch you from the 3-pt line. Call a timeout and try to break their rhythm.

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The timeouts needed to be called early in the 1st half. Muss waited too long. Tenn was hot as a firecracker from the 3-pt line.

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The Tenn loss on the road doesn’t bother me that much. The Vandy and Bama losses bother me tremendously. Sorry but I just can’t get past those 2 losses with so much at stake.


I can. Tough for me to let the Vandy and Bama games go. It is what it is.

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Like I said, I don’t have a problem with it

You do

Simple as that

I agree. Predicting 13-5, particularly with our dismal start and looking at our closing schedule, would only come from the most optimistic fan. Going with only two road losses after losing at MSU and A&M plus a home loss against Vandy is amazing. Both late, season away losses could have easily gone down as wins with a favorable bounce. This season should be remembered as the return of the feared BWA energy with capacity crowds against Auburn, UT, UK, and LSU. Losing only to UT at Knoxville among the SEC elite benchmarks this SEC season as one we can recall in future years.



Looking at the total body of work, it was a good regular season, not a great one. 5 of 6 losses in early January can’t be discounted. The way we lost some games was disappointing. Arkansas is capable of making a long run in the ncaa tournament. They’ve shown this season they’re capable. Getting the players plenty of rest, and Au’Diese healthy, will be key.

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The Bama loss doesnt hurt me at all like the early Hofstra (not a chance in hell that shoulda been a loss) and the Vandy one. With that being said we ended strong and much better than i thought mid-way. 2 wins in the tourney and then on to March Madness for a Sweet 16 is my outlook.

I think we’re in good shape and that our record away from Bud Walton, aside from a few midseason clunkers, bodes well for our NCAAT potential. Muss will not be outprepared, and these guys will not quit. Just hope we can stay healthy, or a previously bit player can step up big, cuz today exposed shortcomings of having a short bench.

jeg099 As capable, I agree, but this season has also demonstrated the difficulty this group has playing as a balanced team. We have seen that the “great team” seems to play at home carried by the BWA crowd but I have a fear rekindled by the first half today, that that “no-defense, little offense, January team” could return on the road in NCAAT against a typical mid seeded team. Hopefully, your thoughts will prevail on this season’s final outcome. I don’t feel baseball is yet a dependable alternate for March this year.

I agree it is real hard not to what if our late game management down the stretch of all our one possession games, when it will inevitably be something we have to deal with in March madness. I’ve been really perplexed by muss’ non use of timeouts and the play calls late in our close games. I mean we have had trouble running plays to get the ball in bounds or getting up a decent shot at the rim, with very very little action off the ball in all these scenarios. It’s not what I expect from muss because it’s not what you see in the pros. And it’s definitely something we will have to execute better in post season. I’m glad we won that last lsu game for example but it wasn’t pretty and I don’t think we can count on those foul calls and winning last possessions with free throws away from home. When its tournament time refs will swallow their whistle and we need to be able to get the dang ball in bounds and get clean looks at a winning shot. And preferably not that side step fade away 25 footer from the right wing.

A few late game possessions that do give me a lot of hope are when Jaylin hit the game winner in overtime vs Texas a&m, when Jaylin hit the game winner 3 vs lsu the first time, when Jaylin hit the 3 to put miss state away before the Lykes dagger, and when Jaylin hit the little baby hook to take the lead for good vs Kentucky…. Hmm I see a pattern here. No dribbling out the clock at the top of the key, no isolation with one guy going one on five, and no notae jacking up a bomb from the right wing. It was ball movement and player movement with multiple threats to score and Jaylin taking advantage of the defense helping off on our guard movement and just being freaking clutch! I love notae but I hope the team takes note and gives Jaylin the trust he has earned in crunch time. Let’s go! Gives me goose bumps for March madness.