A Malzahn update

Clay is out of town today, but just called and asked me to relay that it is seeming less likely that Malzahn entertains an Arkansas offer now, based on some conversations he has had today.

Bo just posted something similar.


Jimmy Sexton strikes again…

Regardless of how this plays out, it’s a Jimmy Sexton special - play two teams’ interest against each other. Gus is going to get a big payday, probably is excess of $6 million per year.

Yep, had zero interest in us the whole time. Gus cares about one thing, Gus

Agree, agree, agree, agree! Gus is, and will always be, only about GUS!

Sounds like the Springdale folks better hope for a big blow-out loss for Auburn. :?

As I’ve said elsewhere several times. I simply cannot imagine how seeming sophisticated business people can be so gullible.

Man, i wish we’d hire a take-no-prisoners coach and kick Auburn’s a** every year. It can be done at Arkansas with the right frame of mind.

Next! Better choices remaining.

Offer him 7 million to drive the price up. The more Allbarn pays him, the less they’ll have to buy players. :wink:

That would be one Mike Leach, but I hope to heck not.


:roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You guys are all hung up on Gus or Norvel, but Chad morris is a better option for us than either of those two. Gus or Norvel has no ties to Texas recruits while Morris is a legand in Texas high School coaching fraternity. Gus would not have 10 percent of the talent he has at Auburn if he came to Arkansas. Auburn has the system in place to get top recruits.

I like your thinking.

Yup. Wouldn’t be shocked if he ends up the guy now that A&M is off the table.


Admit it, we’ve been played. I don’t think he EVER wanted to come to Arkansas. Used everyone to his advantage. It’s just who he is.

He has not changed his stripes.


And I can’t believe that our BOT went down this path thinking they get him for less than 6 or 7 or 8.

So they went down this path thinking they would low ball and hope no one exceeded?

Sexton will give us a chance to beat it if money people were ever really serious

Clay also said Jeff Long would not be fired the day before he was fired!!

I believe this game will be similar to the first game. I can’t believe Auburn is only a 2 point favorite.