A&M – The Final SEC Series

First, it’s going to be the final SEC series for our seniors and an uncertain number of our juniors. Today marks the end of the line for Fletcher, Campbell and Cronin. They’ve given great years to our program. It’s hard not to say that Dom is anything but a fan favorite. He’s just a joy to watch….and it seems like we’ve seen him in every game since he came to the Hill, caught his first fly out, and flopped his glove against his hip……and looked like no one we’ve ever seen as a frosh. 3 years, now a good-bye.

It seems fitting that this final series is against A&M, we’ve played them forever. As a high schooler, my best friend’s parents were both Aggies. It was a small sample, but I guess Aggies are good people.

But the Aggies have a great pitching staff. Perhaps the best group of starters in the SEC. Their total ERA is just a smidge, .06, behind Missouri’s - leading the SEC. Regarding hitting, I think they have one starter who bats above 300 (got to add non-SEC games to get there). Rather, their pitchers get to face six Hogs who hit above 300.

We have a very nice offense (it’s been fun watching the grow this season), but four of our starting batters only bat lefty (facing a lefty heaving Aggie pitching staff). One of them’s down; that’s a good thing for us. We’ll need some very clutch hitting the next two days.

I’m pulling for another series victory (of course); it would be our 8th. That would be a good road marker against an historic program and a good team. WPS.

I also find it appropriate that Fletcher’s last SEC series is against TAMU considering that he and Shewmake entered the league the same year and were commonly compared to each other (offensively) as standout freshmen.

We finished the season at TAMU that year, too. Fletcher went 6 for 13 (.461) and Shewmake went 3 for 11 (.273) in the series. I remember being happy to see Fletch out-hit Shewmake that weekend. Hope we see it again this weekend.

Fletcher has been a complete joy to watch roam around in the outfield and simply run down balls and make great plays catching balls that should have been hits! At the plate he is solid and at times just blasts the ball. I hope he gets hit tonight and has a great game.

Fixed that for ya, Army. I’m sure Fletcher would take one for the team if needed, but I’d rather see him do the damage to the ball with his bat than the other way around.