A$M suspends 3 highly touted frosh, but who to root for remains

Where we are now makes it hard for me to know who to root for, but Jimbo cut some high NIL value kids or “indefinitely” suspended them.

Texas A&M football season goes from bad to worse with brutal locker room incident (msn.com)

Texas A&M football suspends three players indefinitely after locker room incident, per reports (msn.com)

I’ve wondered if the veteran players were on the same pay scale as the high paid frosh. I’d speculate not. Locker room issues can/will tear a team apart. Interesting but I doubt we’ll know details anytime soon. Overpaid and underperforming Jimbo is catching heat I’d imagine.


should we hope for both to lose literally and figuratively?? Ole Ms is still left and Laner seems unlikely to right a wrong so if he loses then is that more to our benefit? if Jimbo wins. does that hurt at bowl selection time?? know who to root for is usually obvious but the A$M stinker threw a monkey wrench into that.

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I cannot say for sure, but rumor was that its a smokin issue…

Hey Jimbo… don’t ya hit me up with them rules
cause everybody knows that smokin ain’t allowed in school.

Sorry flashed back to an old song :slight_smile:

Anyways rumor I’ve been hearing from a friend at TAM is they have a monster weed issue. Now I am no saint and done my share of things but never dipped a toe in the pool when it comes to drugs. I know people like to think well its just weed and thats okay, but its not. Its against the law plain and simple. Also, NIL is just going to make things like that much easier as in having more money makes access to questionable things much easier and tempting. I was always too dang poor to waste any money on anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary at that age. I was too busy trying to pay for my school and my car with barely anything left over to buy food.

Still unbelievable we lost to that train wreck. I believe our misfortune against the aggies is now mental. After years of so many close losses, the team could actually be looking for something bad to happen when playing them. This needs to change. We need to enter that game thinking how bad we are going to beat them, instead of thinking what’s going to happen today.


Well it’sa no brainer for me. First of all Ole Miss is playing. That automatically makes whoever they are playing, my second favorite team for a day. Secondly, my son is still a member of Fightin Texas Aggie marching band. Those factors overcome my disdain for Jimbo and arrogant Aggie boosters.

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I wonder if Jimbo will not require his own internal police force to assure the detection of any possible player transgressions so he can demonstrate compliance with contract program control requirements. I suspect A&M might seize any opportunity to finagle out of his contract guarantee. A sweet smell emitting from the Bright Football Complex might cause flocks of corporate jets carrying big hat contract attorneys to descend on the Eastwood Airport. Sounds like a major expansion of the complex locker room smoke detection system is underway. It is probably too late to work an Aggie Team NIL for Infused Gummy Bears. Only in Aggieland!!


“Why didn’t the wheels blow off before our game with the Ags?” Eeyore.


Makes me even more mad that we found a way to “lose” to these losers, Danny.


As the season winds on, this is sticking in my craw more and more.

Pretty much, everything has gone according to Hoyle except for that game. Alabama is just better than we are. Could we still have beaten them? Sure…but 85-90 times out of 100, Bama wins that game.

MSU is no better than we are. However, at the time we played them (a) they were playing their best ball of the season (b) they were at home (c) we did not have KJ and (d) we had 5 DB’s injured…and that position is/was our weak spot to begin with. So, I get that loss, in the context of how the season has played out.

But the Aggie game? Take out either of 2 plays - and we absolutely win that game. If you remove the first of those two plays (KJ’s attempt to be Superman), I honestly believe we win by 17 or more…maybe 30. We were just about to step on their throats and crush them.

So…yeah…that one rankles…and ESPECIALLY because for some random reason, we’ve had a “Ground Hog Day” type penchant for having these same type losses to the Aggies over the past 12 years. There are at least 5 or 6 of those games that we lost so much more than they won. I’m sick of it.


Well said, Wiz. Pretty sure everyone here, and Sam, agrees. We need to exorcise our Auburn demons too…if the Yellawood zebras will stay the hell out of the way.


Hogs just need to focus on the next game and come out scoring early and often. We weren’t ready against A&M and it’s history now, hopefully there won’t be any costly snafu’s during the Auburn game as in the past. WPS

This will be a game Arkansas fans think about for years.

BTW, a parent of a 5-star freshman was going off on Fisher after one of the early season games because of the lack of playing time. Got that from a recruit’s parent at the game.


See…that’s the thing. IMO, we WERE ready and we DID come out scoring “early and often”. And we still managed to screw it up.


There was a aTm news guy today who posted there are about 5-6 5* freshmen wanting to leave, at least one isn’t welcomed back. Good chance there is a mass exodus after the season.

Just rumors (he said) but a lot of people down there are smelling smoke (and not the kind that was in the locker room).

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What’s appears to be going on with the freshman class doesn’t surprise me. Talent and Character. Cannot have one without the other to be successful. Whatever character issues may exist, throwing thousands of dollars at 18 year old kids only compounds the problem. Stir in parents that have unrealistic expectations and a system that provides players an ability to immediately “take there ball and play somewhere else” and things start spinning out of control.

Classic example is the University of Texass during the period from 2010 - 2021. Never had a recruiting class outside the top 25 and often those classes were ranked in the top 10. Yet, during that period they had 5 losing seasons. Obviously coaching had something to do with that. But there was a never ending stream of character issues resulting in players being suspended or leaving the program.

The Aggies appear to be a train wreck waiting to happen. So be it. Fortunately, our school and CSP and his staff appear to have taken the high road through all of the turmoil during the past couple of years. Recruiting talented young men of high character. I just hope we stay the course.


Yea those parents blasting Jimbo probably had the moon & money promised. So much so the kids are thinking all they have to do is show up on campus, get plugged right into a starting spot.
None of this stuff surprises me considering how Jimbo ran that Fl St program.

Your exactly right, I had that game mixed up with the Mississippi State game. The fumble and a kick banging off the goal post up ended us in that game. I think we have to score early and often against Auburn also while we see if our D can get some stops. WPS

Why didn’t the wheels blow off before our game with the Ags?” Eeyore.

I certainly agree.
Unfortunately, one of the dangerous maladies when playing any team early in the season.
Why I think it’s beneficial to play “easier teams” if you will, and more importantly if you can… early on in the season.

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