A&M Presser - Sumlin is a jerk, he took a dig at CBB as a player too

I was not impressed with how Sumlin handled the media. He is quite arrogant. He also made a negative comment how neutral sites mean nothing compared to being on campus. They sure seem to not like playing at Jerry World.

In fairness, neutral sites don’t compare to being on campus. Gamedays on college campuses are much more exciting than in neutral settings.

I understand that completely but there has been lots of chatter about A&M trying to weasel out of the contract for the Neutral site. The fact that HC was saying something that supported a negative narrative about a neutral site is very telling.

I don’t blame A&M for wanting out. They have 102,000 seats at Kyle Field that they sell every week. They’re losing money by playing in the Death Star. We aren’t. Not yet anyway, and JL would probably keep us there even if we were for the Metroplex exposure. But the Ags want out. IIRC the contract runs through 2024. If A&M doesn’t find a way to get out of the deal before then, it sure won’t be extended.

I get why Texas A&M wants out of the contract. It just rebuilt its stadium for about $300 million and the agreement was made by a former athletics director (Bill Byrne) and renegotiated by another former AD (Eric Hyman). It gets $3 million per year to play in Arlington; my guess is it pulls in more than triple that for an on-campus game when you factor in season ticket sales, donations, merchandise, etc.

This game was agreed to when Texas A&M could use more exposure in the Dallas area. Mack Brown had Texas at the top of the rankings every year and the Aggies were a second-tier team in the Big 12. Now Texas A&M is on an equal playing field with Texas and the new has worn off the Cowboys’ stadium. A lot has changed in the last 10 years.

That’s the risk you take by scheduling games so far in advance. The ADs and coaches aren’t likely to be around when they are actually played, and the new guys may have a different vision for the program (see: Michigan). I would not at all be surprised to see Texas A&M pay the buyout and move the games back to a home-and-home before 2024.

Labor Day weekend is becoming neutral site haven

It’s only going to keep expanding so I wouldn’t say it’s a negative all the time

BB had mentioned he might like it as well for first weekend and I’m sure Ags would pounce to

But in the meantime it’s time to send them home losers it’s been way to long and Sumlin needs to be put in check a bit

This is a family board so I won’t say what I think of Sumlin. I’m with many of the others that have a hard time getting beat by them. I don’t expect a beat down but I would love to beat them by 14 points.

How come you can hear the press questions perfectly? What’s up with that?

aTm reporters respect their readers enough to buy microphones :wink:

Arkansas-Texas A&M isn’t going to move dates as long as it is played in Arlington. It is locked in for the fourth Saturday in September while it is played in Arlington. I’m told that is the consolation Jeff Long got for moving the LSU game.

The Bikes, Blues and BBQ motorcycle rally in Fayetteville depends on that date staying the same. It has scheduled its rally on the fourth weekend of September for the foreseeable future. Obviously, Fayetteville cannot handle 200,000 for a bike rally and 80,000 for a football game on the same weekend.

Arkansas may play a neutral-site game on the opening weekend. In fact, I think it will happen in 2020. But it will be in Kansas City or Orlando, or somewhere else.

I’ve answered this question so many times. Perhaps you all haven’t read it.

We have to take the audio feed that is provided to us by the Razorbacks in those press conferences. They are the ones that do not have a boom mic to pick up the questions asked. They use one for postgame press conferences, but not the others.

I know Matt, you answered it very well. The little winky face means I’m joking. Relax, I’m not D Hookst…, errrrr Eric Bolin. :lol:

And I’ve asked the question many times, 1st time I got an answer. So it’s the UofA’s fault, don’t provide the microphone. Gotcha.

they cant mike the questions for the BB news conferences (or any for that matter)

I think the jab was at UofA, not the reporters! Could be wrong. I do think it is stupid that UofA not to do sound better.

How much is the buyout?

I don’t want to change anything until we have a few more years to better establish recruiting relationships in DFW…and beat A&M a number of times.

I like going to Dallas for a game. Always have liked it. The Aggies have a huge base of fans in the Dallas area and can easily support this game. So it’s not a bad deal for them, either.

Back to the root of this post, Kevin Sumlin is an arrogant person. He’s apparently wiggling his way off of what was a hot seat situation. The Aggies are ready for him to put up or go away. He’s doing alright. But this is a huge game for him and if he feels pressure, it’s because he should. That may have something to do with him saying negative things about Arkansas (or Bielema) or having to play this game in Arlington.

As a fan I would rather have the home and home setup. I would like to see the Aggies come to Fayetteville and then maybe I might go to College Station. I don’t care for the Jerry World game really. We would have a better chance to whip their butts at Fayetteville versus Dallas.

I will side with the Aggies on this deal.

I really, really like having this game in Arlington AND love my boss letting me stay for the Cowboys game.