A&M opens as a 20 point favorite...

at the offshore casinos. I’d take the Aggies as they will be the best team we’ve played to date.

Arkansas showed improvement with the exception of special teams. There is a lot of emotional motivation in this game with Coach Morris being an Aggie grad, the game being played in Dallas at Jerry’s house, and the lack of wins the last several years. I wouldn’t count out the hogs on this one despite the Vegas odds.

I expect Arkansas to play with great emotion and the Aggies to be a little flat. That said, I still think they will cover that spot.

The reason being we are bringing a knife to a gunfight with our QB. He just isn’t equipped to keep up with the other QBs in this league.

I strarted a thread about this a week or so ago. I don’t recall Arkansas ever being this “outgunned” as compared to the other QBs in this league. This has become the best QB league in the country and we’re just nowhere close to the opposition.

You simply cannot best good teams in this league without efficient, good QB play and we don’t have it.

Take it , we have yet to beat a spread this year and won’t this next saturday.

I understand that but we need to come and throw caution to the wind,we have nothing to lose,we have to create an offense b/c we don’t have the talent to run by people…IMO Tamu is much better on offense than Aubrun but not as good on defense…will be a game where we need to get TO’s and convert them to TD’s and keep Mond from running the ball.

I hope that everyone at A&M keeps thinking we are completely done and threw in the towel. I have had some Tejas fans say that AU was terrible and that is the only reason our defense looked good. I don’t think people outside of Ark know about our players returning from injuries and that is why our defense is quite improved. Agim has been a stud while Watts and TJ Smith have been surprises. We look dramatically better after Ramsey and Greenlaw came back last week. Our front 7 are looking better than expected.

I think our defense will benefit since Chavis knows some of the tendencies of their players. Chavis may also be able to help with player tendencies on A&M offense. Our weak offense against their so-so defense will help us get a little better. Their good offense against our improving defense is a better match but a running QB can create big plays. We are not playing at college station but a ton of aggies will be there to create a buzz.