A&M offers Hog commit

Devon said the offer doesn’t change his commitment to Arkansas.


Those maroon devils!!!

I guess that’s good that other schools are showing interest, as long as he stays committed to us.

Who will be next to offer?

He would have to wear those ugly maroon uniforms and helmets. Plus, he would need to live in College Station. Strike 2.

Not sure but I’m sure there will be more.

Good. Aggies can stick it.


One look at those photos and I can understand him staying with the Hogs…

aTm can muster the hype but behind the scenes overrated.

Unless Jimbo finds success soon that justifies his compensation, Aggies will soon be pulling out that big buyout checkbook & making another coaching change.

Can’t stand Bimbo Fisher and don’t trust one thing about that man. They have already gotten in trouble with NCAA since his time there and wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again!

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