A&M Line of Scrimmage

Is difference on both sides of the ball. They have better OL and DL than we do, and that’s the difference in this game. We can’t pressure their QB and they’ve had pressure on FF several times tonight. They’ve run on us a lot also. We’ve got to close the gap on linemen on A&M to keep up with them and Bama and LSU.

This game went like many people thought. A+M is just a physically superior team. The Razorbacks played hard, but we did not create any turnovers which we had to have to beat the Aggies. A+M played very well.

Yep. Just could not handle that online. That wa the difference. We will get that fixed in time. Just have recruit and keep improving. You don’t fix that with Xs & Os

Pretty big talent difference and has been for a long time. Hopefully Sam can close that gap with a couple of strong classes. Very impressed with the A$M Offense tonight.

Can you imagine how they could be if they weren’t Aggies and Jimbo was not Jimbo?

Yup. We needed some help and A&M didn’t give us any. Only one ball from Mond was interceptable and I don’t think they put the ball on the ground at all. And he figured out our zone defense for sure,

Okie Lite helped Texass and the result was a loss, which probably knocked the Little Dozen out of any hope of the playoff. Speaking of which, more than one person has noted that A&M now has a clear path to the playoff. They’ll be favored in every remaining game and won’t have to play in the SECCG unless Bama loses twice. Cruise into the CFP at 9-1.

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