A&M @ Jerry world

How many years are left on this series? I’ve always enjoyed it…

It is under contract through 2024.

Aggies want out of it now. If we decided to end it so, for example, we could play Misery at WMS every other year, the Ags wouldn’t object.

I wish we would, Swine. I would love to see A+M at Kyle Field and RRS like the old days. I also think we need a Little Rock game with a good opponent…even if it is Missouri. That would help ease the tension in different parts of the fan base and unify it a little more. The State needs to spend the necessary money to get WMS in great shape. It should have been done 30 years ago,but it’s not too late if they want to keep a game in Little Rock.

I do not understand the need to play a game in LR. . At Jerry World it makes some sense. I have read the arguments but giving up a home game to play in a undersized venue does not make sense. Be like OU playing a game in Muskogee. We are the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, as we are constantly reminded.

Playing in Little Rock sure makes more sense now that we see the fate of Jeff Long. While that was not the final straw it certainly had a role in him losing support. It has also been reported that Frank moving more games to UofA Fayetteville (ugh) campus caused Frank to lose support in his final years.

We know now that politics are alive and well in our beloved state. :shock:

I’d rather have small breaks in play at Dallas, like every third year, and stretch out the contract until all projected games are played there.

If it were up to me, I’d punt Little Rock and keep dallas and play all the rest at Reynolds.

When Little Rock high schools will get serious again about football I’ll change my mind. I want exposure and recruits. Rivals use WMS against us.

And I live in central ark.

I so wish we would end the series in Dallas. The A&M game should be played on campus.

Let’s keep one game in LR and dump Dallas.