A&M gave away a win against LSU

A&M had a 6 point lead with just over a minute left. Let LSU tie the game and then A&M lost it in OT.

That’s 3 games in a row that LSU has won by the hair on their chinny-chin-chin. One school of thought may be that they’re a “team of destiny”. Another might hold that “what goes up must come down” and that these close games seem to even out in the long run.

When all is said and done, which one will apply best to the 2020 Tigers (Hoop version)?

A couple of Turnovers coming down the stretch and the wrong players taking shots! LSU hit back to back 3’s and they also got by with a couple of fouls that were crucial. LSU won’t be able to keep winning these close games sooner or later the rabbits foot will fail them. Smart and Mays made plays!
For A&M Flagg failed to lead at winning time!

That is what worries me about Arkansas’s recent come from behind victories.

Remember, it’s already failed us twice. A couple TOs in regulation and a missed opportunity for a 3 point shot is all that’s kept us from a 15-0 record. In SEC play, LSU’s “rabbits foot” is still fully intact.

A&M’s guards will turn it over if you get after them. Whether you get them at the start or the end, the track record is that they still trying to grow up with those guards. I do remember the growing pains with freshmen guards (or JC guards) and it can be tough. I remember the turnovers from last year.

Very good point. Of course coaching has an impact, but I keep saying being sophomores this year instead of freshmen last year is making a world of difference this year for us. And also our two sophomores last year were first year players for us.

In basketball, teams with more experience always have an edge in close games, if talent is not overwhelming.

I would remind about the difference between Barford and Macon between their junior and senior seasons. They were good as first-year JC players, but terrific as seniors. I suspect Mason Jones would take another jump next year, but who knows if he’s back. Yeah, I know that’s a whole different discussion.

Mason is unique from most college Juniors in this respect. He really only has 3 years experience playing his position(s) in college ball. In high school, he was a 270 pound, slow footed inside player. If he puts in the same work in the off-season as he did between his soph and Jr season, he will make another big jump in performance. He’ll build on his athleticism and strength as he continues to remake his body. While doing this, he’ll also be working on his overall game as a 2G/SF.

He stands to make another jump similar to most players’ Frosh to Soph years. I really hope he chooses to return. The results could be an All American for he and the Hogs.

Seems to me that Arkansas has won a couple of games that they shouldn’t have and lost a couple they should have won.

So that’s balanced out to me.

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I agree. Next year, because of good finish (hope not jinxing it) this year and our recruiting haul, we should get some main network TV games instead of ESPN2 and SECN. With that, a similar or better performance next year should give Mason national attention and national honors.

Mason Jones needs to have better court awareness. He has been pressured and stepped into the backcourt and he has reaped himself on the sideline and stepped out of bounds. So we are guilty of it as well.
Joe has charged against WKY so he is prone to the TO as well. Late game there are mistakes that are magnified that’s bottom line.
LSU made the 3’s to come back and force overtime and Texas A&M failed to keep scoring.

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