A&M game sold out

Great to see the support picking up. Hope we get most of the seats filled.

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I believe a couple of other games plus the Kentucky game are sold out too. I don’t know if it was Musselman or Yuracheck or it was someone in the marketing department who came up with a brilliant idea to package those four games into a Mini-Plan package. Kentucky game is usually sold out and this idea sells out four games instead of one. I think they will do this every year.

Memphis Grizzlies used to do this and may do it still. I remember buying a package to see LeBron play at Memphis.

Good point. The A&M game is in addition to the package. So 5 games sold out now.

Nope. A&M was the last game of the package to sell out. From the UA website:

Purchase the 5 Game Mini Plan today! This package includes games versus:
Texas A&M
Mississippi State

The A&M was the last to sell out because there were unused student seats for that one. Students may now have claimed the rest,

How many do we usually sell out?

Btw, I’m looking for tickets to the A&M game, if anyone knows of any.

Stubhub has tickets to A&M starting at $15 which is actually below face value.
Hogs-Aggies tickets

One of the reasons we sell out these games is a lot of Kentucky fans buy our mini-plans to get their game then put the rest on the secondary market. So you should be able to get seats to the other four. They’ll just be occupied in blue that day against the Jellycats.

If we are not a Tpp 25 team, Kentucky game is always sold out or almost there. In addition, any out of conference name team coming to BWA like Michigan and Syracuse plus any SEC team ranked in Top 10 is a candidate.

So, it depends on the schedule. Last year was a perfect storm the other way with us having the fourth youngest team plus a terrible BWA schedule. Tennessee was the only good team at BWA last year and it was close to a sellout. But that was it.