A&M Game Finish

What a puzzle. Those 3 clutch 3s take ice water (and a lot of talent). Then, to stand out there at 15’ with no one on you and you can’t make the shots that puts the game away? I guess it is a young team, but just cannot understand that poor FT shooting. You cannot win on a consistant basis shooting like that. It must drive MA up the wall. Sure does me.

Still, they somehow came away with a W and that is all that really matters. If they want more Ws, they better hit more FT.

Winning the game was a huge boost for the the young hogs. looking in the mirror to see what needs work in order to improve
Won’t take long. There is a positive that we can all look at. Nobody thought we would win the rebounding war on the boards but the hogs accomplished that on both ends with their best effort of the young season. Maybe they can do the same with free throws before Wednesday night.
Before the season started if someone told us the hogs would be 10-3 right now we would have all been happy!

Yes I agree as well our FTs shooting is troubling, yet we still won a solid road game with subpar FTs shooting, this team is special I would be careful setting limits on them, at the same time it’s hard to see them among the upper tier teams in the conference shooting FTs in the 60 percentiles leaving so many points at the line that usually contributes to a loss verse a win… i’m anxious to see how this young group fix it…