A&M First Win in Fayetteville in 33 years

I may have missed it from someone else’s post but this was Texas A&M’s first win in Bud Walton ever and the first win in Fayetteville in 33 years!! Wow!!



Good for them

Hopefully that’s there last win in Fayetteville. for another 33 yrs

I’m sure there are many “firsts” this season if one does some digging.

of home court losses thus far I’m sure are in rarified air over the past 45 years as well if you or someone cares to look it up.

Go Hogs!

Well, we didn’t play them for 20 consecutive seasons, so they missed a lot of chances. We went 20 plus years without winning in College Station, hard to get victories when you’re not playing a team.

One thing I have learned in recent years is that my memory can’t be relied upon very well. But I THINK I was at that game (it may have been my first Hog game in Barnhill) and I think both teams wore red. I know that sounds strange but that is what I remember. It seems like we were only down a few points for most of the second half but it felt like we were never in it.

Spring of '86 I had graduated college, but wasn’t starting law school until the Fall. I visited UofA to check out the law school and a friend of mine got me a student ticket to the game. She even got me her boyfriend’s student ID to get in. I looked nothing like the guy, but I had no issues getting in.

Last time the Aggies won in Fayetteville was in Nolan Richardson’s abysmal first season as Arkansas coach.

Ought to tell you something.