A&M down by 16

Aggies are down by 16 at halftime of their game with Penn State…don’t seem to be playing with their"chip"on their shoulder

They are sucking eggs big time.


They are only good when playing SEC teams.

Catching the second half of the A&M game in the stands. At one point the arena was having scoreboard issues. All it showed was Penn State had 43 points. Probably best that A&M’s side of the scoreboard wasn’t working.

Does buzz send the media a 9 page report on why they got bounced in round 1?

Buzz will need something in just a short period of time. They are down 20+ right now and have no answer to stop Penn State.

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Tex Ag forum is just thankful they didn’t lose by 60 to the Horns.

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They going down!! Can’t defend the 3 or rebound

This Penn State team was on fire towards the end of the season. Won 8 of last 10 including two wins over Illinois. Lost to Purdue by 2 in Big 10 final. Had a chance to win it. Have an excellent coach.

Perhaps Aggies preferred not to play Texas.

They were not a good matchup for A&M.,

Penn State would have beaten anybody in the tourney shooting that well from beyond the arc… can they maintain it?

Penn Stare sure has in the last third of the season. They are Big 10’s top 3 point shooting team,

Pooooooor Aaaag----gies :joy::joy:

How did they roll through the SEC and beat the Hogs twice ?

Maybe they believed their own hype, “we’re way better than a 7 seed”, anticipating easy time versus a 10 seed and looking ahead to the match-up with t.u…:joy::joy::joy:…that now is not

And I’ll add…these are like the Aggies of SWC days, especially in football…

Lots of talent, over-hyped, full-time potential, part-time results, and the Hogs beat them 8/10 times in football and 9.5/10 times in basketball…

Does it remind anybody else of that 1975 finale in Little Rock where the Aggies, dreaming of a national title, fell flat on their face ?

Also, as I recall I think that game was slated for College Station, but A&M was adamant the renovations to Kyle Field had to begin immediately after the Thanksgiving game with t.u., could not wait a couple of weeks into December; so they wanted a neutral site and chose Little Rock ??? That’s so Aggie.

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