A&M and Arkansas

A&M coaches are on the road visiting recruits while Arkansas is not.

JCP and those making the decision made the right call by keeping the Arkansas staff in this week. Assistants get six off campus visits during the contact period to see prospects while the head coach gets one.

The new A&M staff will only be able to see the kids the old staff sees this week five times if Jimbo Fisher is named the new coach on Sunday or Monday like he’s going to be.

Interesting strategy. I assume they are still contacting by phone and explaining the situation to each of the prospects.

They should be. I haven’t contacted or heard back from all of them but I had some of the kids in Tuesday’s column. This is allowing the new staff to see the kids the allotted six times instead of the five the A&M staff.

Yes the assistants coaches get six visits per recruit, but they can only visit a certain recruit once per week.

With so much Dead Period time, I doubt all six visits per recruit are used anyway.

I assume the A&M coaches are trying to get ever one committed to sign in the early signing period.

If a coach is announced Sunday or Monday they have next week and the following week before the dead period. Then there’s four weeks in Jan. that can see kids so it can be done.