A lot of folks saying we arent a good team...

We are a good, not a great team. Great teams dont let this happen. It can happen to a good team when the stars align.

Also, good teams win on the road like we have been doing this year.

Don’t let 1 game color the entire season. We will still be at worst 16-5 after today.


Has Arkansas beaten a tournament team? Might be something to keep an eye on if we end up on the bubble.

Occasionally, it happens to a great team too. NC, at least “borders” on a great team and they were down 20 in the first half against a mediocre Miami team. Lost the game big also. I also remember our 94-95 great team losing by 20+ to a UMass team in the first game of the season.

Biggest thing for us this year is how we react to this blow-out in our next few SEC games It’s a must for us to put it behind us and only move forward.