A lot of discussion on KB

DD, Richard, Matt, Clay and any insiders have some realistic Viable, answers about Kelly Bryant really coming to Arkansas.

If you so choose to keep inside info to yourself or if you could give some good answers? Albeit I understand that 3/4 the nation thinks

this is a tough decision to make and not a reasonable answer in heck why KB would come here.

SEVERAL facts I have tossed out there for KB to ponder. He has got to know as underdogs due to all the information he knows

is getting hurt one of the negatives that is pulling against us? TE’s kids-- in the slot-- and WR’d another STOPPER’s for Kelly to ponder his decision.

IMO this is like to Joe Adams decision we needed to go our way or we were going to be in trouble. Pros and cons. For one this kid could turn into a Arkansaas Hero if he would

come here and change the map, culture, kids around the nation. KB could help be one of the first building blocks to change Razorback FB in the State and the perception of the state. Let him sit in Jerry Jones Box seats.

A lot of factors to consider and # 5 on several lists. And a couple of national guys saying the relationship between CCM and Kelly will be hard to break.

Is going to any of these other schools going to help KB get to the NFL? Wouldn’t KB already know what the NFL thinks of him??

Insiders, DD, Richard, Matt, Clay ANYTHING you can share? IMO this is really a huge decision for our FB program. All the points from the other schools outway ours buy a mile, 1/2 mile or a close call.


I think CM will be the hardest to say no to on a personal level. Having said that, and not that it’s true or means diddle do da. I’ll be happily stunned if he comes here.

He changes everything if he does. #gamechangerforreal

The only reason I think he comes here is that he plans on announcing on CM’s birthday. I think it’s a nice birthday present. JMO

This assumes that KB knows it’s CM’s birthday, which he may or may not. I never knew my coaches’ birthdays at any level. Could just be a coincidence. Which is still not to say that he won’t pick us anyway.

I’m no insider but I feel like he will come here because he only has one year left to play you don’t want to spend that year trying to get to know somebody he already knows CCM knows what kind of offense he runs has been there and done it that is a comfortable situation. Now we had a very poor offensive line this year and that may have an impact on him but I think if we go Up Tempo next year it will negate some of our liabilities up front also adding the number one tight end in the country to go along with O’Grady and all the incoming receivers this offense can be night and day with the right quarterback and I’m pretty sure CCM is making sure he understands that

I know you’ve probably seen me mention listening to other “Arkansas Recruiting Guru’s” the last few days. A few of them said they can’t think of anything significant to Bryant to announce on that day, unless it’s a birthday present.

But it was a fan who first pointed it out first, and all the recruiting gurus had to look it up because they didn’t know. So, you maybe right and he had no idea, I’m sure he knows now

I really think December 4 is just a coincidence. Knowing CCM on the player-coach level and knowing him on personal level are two different things.

Bryant’s mom’s birthday is the 4th according to some people

My brother who lives in Atlanta knew it was on CM’s birthday from news sources there, so I suspect KB at least knows now. That does not prove that he knew before he picked that day though.

I suspect he knows now, may not have known then. Could be a good sign that if he does know, he hasn’t changed it.

As I have stated from the start, if he comes here it will be because of Coach Morris.

Will he come here? I don’t know. He is a great politician.

All I can say is they feel good about him up here and they are sending the cavalry in to see him tonight.

Anybody who is telling you they know fore sure where he is going or they know the significance of Dec. 4 is simply trying to guess right.

Yep, my annual stab in the dark prophecy. I have no idea where the young man is going. If i guess correct, ok, if not, ok.

I knew Dec. 4 was his birthday, but only because he mentioned it after last season’s PC to announce his hire, which he thought was a great birthday present.

I imagine a few other guys that were there heard that as well.