A look at Isaiah Moss offensively

Wanted to get a better idea of where Isaiah Moss likes to operate on the offensive end. TheStepien.com is a pretty great resource for shot charts. Per that site, Moss was 44 percent on NBA-range 3s, 24-of-70 on long 2-point jumpers last season and 31-of-68 at the rim, which isn’t great. But that does tell you he can get to the rim and potentially to the line like Musselman wants. Here’s a look:

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 9.22.08 PM.png[/attachment]

That looks like a pace and space shot chart to me

Seems strange to see so few from the corners for an obvious outside shooter.

I said it when his name first came up but I wonder how someone at his height has trouble finishing at the rim. That’s even more stranger to me. And his mid-range game is nothing to write home about either. It’s either a 3 or nothing (not literally) with him. Still like the addition tho.

Also my memory from watching Moss at Iowa is that he is not a volume three point shooter like Joe. He is a shooter like Sills where he only takes wide open shots.

Stats search says he is a career 81% from the FT line.

Seems from my memory Barford had some mediocre % numbers as a Junior, one can improve leaps and bounds. :sunglasses:

His percentage was great from the corners - 52.3 percent - but like you said, not a ton of attempts. Perhaps that picks up. It is after all one of the better shots in the game.

Exactly what I was thinking.

An item that heightened my interest: I was doing stats (tagging on film thru HUDL) for my son’s JR High team last year (2017-2018 season), and at one point they had 4 players over 60% from the left corner with about 6 to 8 attempts each and two of the guys were around 75%. I showed it to the Coach and he immediately tried to make an adjustment to get those guys there as much as possible. Like you said, it is perhaps the best shot on the court for long range shooters, and will be even more so if they move the line again.

Never saw any Iowa games, but it’s possible that their offense doesn’t take advantage of that easier 3, which would be a coaching issue. Looking at other Iowea shot charts might be instructive. Unfortunately I’m not able to search that website for other Hawkeye shooters for some reason, perhaps because I’m not paying them…

TheStepien doesn’t have a paywall. Make sure when you reach the front page of the site to hover over the Tools option at the top of the page then click ‘shot chart’ when it drops down.

I did all of that, but when I got to the place to search for individuals the website would not let me enter any names. I was on my home laptop, so no firewall issues; maybe the site doesn’t like my home browser.

Just tried it at work on my phone (Firefox) and found Joe Wieskamp, their freshman guard, who shot 42.4% on threes this year. He liked the right corner more than the left, but was 6 of 16 from the right corner (both inside and outside the arc) and 3 of 9 from the left corner. That’s not much for 35 games. Evidently McCaffrey does not stress taking the easiest three there is.

Strange. If you’re curious about any particular player’s chart I’d be happy to PM some screenshots.

Got it to work on my phone (Firefox) and found Joe Wieskamp’s chart. He is a good shooter, 42.4% on threes, but only 9 of 25 for the entire season from the corners, both inside and outside the arc.

Last season Moss shot 39.9% for all of his field goal attempts, close to Mason’s average. As intimated above, his 3 point shooting had a higher %. But, his overall of 39.9% was the lowest on Iowa for any teammate who had more than 100 field goal attempts (#7 of those).

His point average was 5th best on the team, while his rebounding was 6th.

Those aren’t great numbers, but his maturity should be a great plus for the Hogs (with only a year commitment).

He’s an outstanding spot-up shooter. However, based on his FT rate, FG% at the rim, and the number of his treys that were assisted, I wouldn’t expect him to do great things in terms of creating his own shot. He doesn’t solve a weakness on the roster for drivers, but we badly needed another shooter to space D for Jones and Joe. He helps there. Jones actually looks like a more rounded offensive threat by the numbers.

I can’t say this based on my own eyes as I didn’t watch much Iowa BB over the years, but there was an Iowa beat writer who described Moss as a “driver”. His body type and overall game IMO is very similar to Jones, who despite average athleticisim, had some effective scoring off the bounce.

Jones got to the line twice as often as Moss. Moss shot less thn 50% at the rim, which is just bad. Fans thought Harris was bad at the rim, and he shot 63%. 81% of his treys were assisted, as opposed to 67% for Jones and 62% for Barford. His numbers scream spot-up shooter, but a really good one.

One thing for sure his quickness appears to be on par with Jones. That is, not very quick. You can see why he was not rated high coming out of HS. But he steadily improved in college and became a respectable Big 10 player.

Except Moss dunks. Never seen Mase dunk so i’d give the big edge to Moss in athleticism.

Just read this thread and looked at the shot/scatter graphic. Pretty obvious to me that he’s a much better shooter on the right side of the court than the left - at least from 3 point distance; a lot more green on that side of the arc.

Not sure if that’s mostly true of all right-handed shooters, but it’s easy to see looking at this chart.