A look at Davonte Davis' FGAs the last 3 games

Here is Davis’ shot chart for the month of December. He’s been much more intentional getting to the rim lately, which is good to see after he had just nine rim scores in six games in November. Also getting some jumpers to fall, though I’m not wild about the long 2s:

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Scottie, I can’t find anything else to complain about today, so I’ll pick on you! :laughing:

Next time you generate this chart, how 'bout flipping the colors? At first glance I couldn’t figure out how Devo had blown so many bunnies.

Wasn’t until I saw the legend that I figured out red was “good.”

I’m pretty sure in Chartmaking 101 they cover the idea that red usually represents “bad.” :wink:

Seriously, though, love the work (especially the charts/diagrams) you bring to the boards.

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C’mon, a Razorback fan who can’t “figure out” immediately that the color RED is good? :grin:


Shameful, for sure.

There goes all hope for ever earning my “real” or “true” hog fan label. :disappointed:

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That’s exactly why I added the key at the bottom. I’ve charted shots in a notebook for the last 3 years and have always used red for buckets and blue for misses. Don’t know why, but that’s the route I went lol

This seems true for Davonte, Notae and Lykes. Good that 2’s are still worth 2 points.

Yep he gets into that lane he can score but he’s made some good passes once he got in there lately too

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This is the first year since Muss arrived that he doesn’t have a “green light” 3 point shooter. For sure, Joe and Jones, in his first year, had that green light. Last season Moses had that green light. Of those first 3, Moses used the green light less. Moses was so aware on the court, he knew when he needed to stop shooting 3s and concentrate on driving and passing.

Last season, Notae seemed to have that green light when he first subbed in but after 2 or 3 misses, it turned to “yellow” and with one more miss, he got pulled for “a talk”. This season, Notae seemed to start out with a solid green light, but has now turned light yellow. Either that, or Notae has become more like Moses and is tempering his 3 point shots like Moses did.

This season, Lykes seems to have that green light when he first comes in off the bench, then a couple of misses and it turns yellow, like Notae last season.

We need a couple of players to start hitting their 3s consistently in the next month if we want to compete for the SEC title and have a run in the NCAAs.

I remember hearing Nolan complaining about Corliss’ strength work one fall. He said a basketball player can do too much lifting that can affect his shot. When we heard how hard Notae was working out and building his strength, that thought came into my mind recently about Notae’s struggling with his 3 point shot.

Re the long twos, I almost jumped out of my chair when he stepped just inside the 3 pt line, unguarded, to launch one in the last game (a miss). This after a discussion a short time ago about a system of shooting 3s or layups, nothing in between, based on the analytics. I supported wide open mid-range shots, but just inside the line is a bit much.

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