A little trolling from UA

Shortly after A&M completed its collapse at UCLA:


Hahahaha… This popped up in my feed shortly after the A&M meltdown. Very well played and thank you for posting Swine.

Until we beat the Aggies we have no reason to “troll” them. The only collapse I’ve watched lately that compares to their choke job was ours last year.

24 points at halftime to a favored/ranked team = 34 points in 17 minutes? Really?

Answer: Not really.

We can feel the Aggies’ pain. We choked on a big lead the last 2 games of the year. Until we beat them, we can’t give them any grief. They own us right now and it is up to Bielema to change this.

Trolling a team that has beaten Arkansas five straight times… Complete and utter stupidity and a stunning lack of situational awareness.

Beat somebody before running your mouth

Doesn’t stop you, does it?

So Arkansas trolled aTm? Makes a lot of sense.

Imagine if Ole Miss had trolled Arkansas after Mizzou and VT. What would you think, considering how well we have done against them?

Incredibly tone deaf by the UA twitter feed.

My post count pales in comparison to your diarrhea of the fingers! :sunglasses:

Not a fan of this.

We are in no position to be trolling anyone.

It’s also quickly written off as evidence of a lack of class, on this board. So I don’t understand why it’s not in this situation.

It’d also not look good if we lost another game like the last 5 years to them.