A little tip for TV

Tuesday night the Misery game ran long and you couldn’t find the Hog telecast on the ESPN app, so a lot of us didn’t see any of about the first 9 minutes until Misery finally won.

But there is a way to get around that. On the espn.com website, make sure Arkansas basketball is one of the teams you follow. Click the head in bubble on the right side of the black bar and you can add and adjust teams there. I follow Hog men’s hoops, women’s hoops and football (if they allowed the Diamond Hogs and others, I would, but so far that’s not an option).

Then, when we’re playing and it’s on an ESPN channel or ESPN+, it will put our game on the ESPN front page and you can watch the game from there instead of rummaging through the app. Which is what I did Tuesday while the Misery game dragged on.


That’s what I normally do, but it didn’t work the other night. Someone was asleep at the wheel at ESPN.


Worked fine for me, is all I’m saying. Even though you couldn’t find it on the app, which clearly was a case of asleep at the wheel. Of course, you’ll be watching on your computer or phone unless you link that to your TV, but it’s better than not watching.


Didn’t work for me either on ESPN.com.

Typically, a streamed game will have a “Watch” link when looking at the box score on ESPN.com. When I couldn’t find the game in the app, I immediately went to the site, but no “Watch” link.

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I’ve done that was well with football and basketball and play for me via the app was still no go.

Here is another kicker I just discovered. Generally when I miss a portion of the game I’ll go to the app and do a replay. Because whether it was broadcast or not they were recording it and I can generally watch the full game. I just went to watch the replay and it only has footage starting with about 4 min left in the 1st half to the end of the game. Someone somewhere dropped a big ball at ESPN that night.

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You seem to be the exception, I have the exact setup you are referring to, nothing. I had the play-by-play on my phone but no video.


Same here

I tried to watch the reply of the first half which was missed
Replay starts at under five minutes in first half

Maybe because you were on computer at ESPN.com instead of the app

Same here — I guess ESPN likes Swine better than the rest of us. :stuck_out_tongue: I tried the app on multiple browsers, a FireStick, & a Roku and didn’t have any luck.

The chyron said now streaming on SECN+, so I went directly to SECN+ under channels on the ESPN app. It wasn’t streaming there either. SECN+ channel just showed a list of upcoming events.

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