A little story — relavent?

I dropped in on a Coach Sutton practice his first fall and could not believe what I saw. It was a fumble recovery drill. Yep, like football. He would roll the ball and they would dive on hit (bloody knees). Over the yeRs, I saw that produce many balls. That was what I thought of when I head tough. Will this coach do that? No idea, but from what I read, do not be surprised to see bloody knees!

Amazing…but that is one of the things i remember most about the Corlis era teams. When there was a scramble for a loose ball during the game, it seemed like 90% of the time, the Razorback team came up with it. Good times!

I know a coach can demand toughness and I think Coach Muss will. But it sure would help to have a Corey Beck type floor leader to be the enforcer of those demands. Do we have someone like that?

This reminded me of a story my dad told me some years ago. He told me that Pat Foster once talked about this drill, and wondered aloud whether that drill might have contributed to Sidney Moncrief’s knee problems. I think he looked back on that drill with some amount of disbelief that they actually used to do that. Obviously, toughness is important, but maybe this drill stepped across the line a bit.

Although that may be possible, but I think knee problems like Sidney’s and many many other players is due to stress put on them from other aspects of the game, especially players that could jump out of the building like Super Sid.

It was still going on during my time working for Coach Sutton from 1981-85.

One of my jobs was to count out 10 passes before someone could shoot.

My how times have changed.