A little reminder on the rules, guys

This prompted by a post report the mods got this morning. No, I’m not going to say which post.

Main posting rules: Stay away from religion and politics. Don’t engage in personal attacks on other posters. And don’t trash the recruits.

But criticism of players gets a little more leeway. They make mistakes on and off the field and we can comment on those mistakes. Criticism of coaches and administrators is pretty wide open; you’d have to go way out of bounds to get warned for that.

And you can whale away on public figures. Wanna criticize Urban Meyer for being an enabler? Go for it. Go off on Beth Mowins’ voice? Yup. Point out once again what a hack _ally _all is? Ditto.

We really try not to impinge people’s free speech here. Follow our basic guidelines and you’re fine. Our recent departee, irritating as he was, didn’t get in trouble until he started trashing the recruits.

_ally _all is a hack.

Rant over.

Thanks for listening…

Post of the day.

For example, “Jesus is not happy with any Clinton or Trump but Mohammad is still weighing the options”.