A Little Redemption

A little redemption tonight and I was unable to be there. Had to be in Reno at NAAA so I went down to sports book and put a nice bet on the Hogs. Had to give 6.5. Then watch the game in the sports book.

I thought The Hogs basically toyed with them as it should be. Not sure this team will hold up and defend against top teams, but we will see soon. So far so good

I thought abt you as I heard a guy yell let’s go hogs during the game!! Lol

Wish it had been me. Got early flight this AM and will be at CSU by noon. I doubt anyone in my group will even know they played. I learned that lesson in Sep!

Wish I had known you were in town; would have loved to have had you over for a nice, little watch party.

As a “Cessna Driver”, would also have enjoyed talking the NAAA side of aviation. :x

You would have enjoyed the trade show. It was mostly all about planes & parts etc. and a little about what goes in them. They had several new Thrush and Ag Tractors in there. Those are now really amazing planes.

left town at 5:30 AM today

Show was at the Atlantis

Hear ya!!