A little perspective as we head into the stretch run . . .

This is my first visit to this board since we got swept by MSU. I wouldn’t have had anything positive to say after that; plus, I didn’t want to read what I was sure would be a tidal wave of negativity. So, I just stayed away.

For that reason, I haven’t read one post made here the last 3 days. It’s quite possible that someone else has already mentioned the point I want to make; if so, “SIAP”.

I still think this team has what it takes to go to Omaha and do very well there. We all know how difficult it is to win the whole thing, even if your team is one of the very best in the nation. But we’ve got the ingredients for a deep run.

It’s normal and understandable for our fans to be discouraged right now. But just to add a little perspective, I want to remind you of our last two CWS teams - 2012, and 2015.

In 2012, we had a stretch from the beginning of March to mid-May where our record was 13-14. We then entered post-season play by going quietly (0-2) in the SEC Tournament. All that team did was beat two-time defending Champions S. Carolina and put themselves in a position to only needing to win one of two games to advance to the Finals against Arizona (Perry Costello’s strike zone kept us from advancing).

In 2015, we went 9-12 during the month of March, then 1-2 in Hoover. Then we caught fire and made it to Omaha before injuries to our pitching staff crippled us.

My point is that even the best of teams run into rough patches. The ultimate successes of our 2012 and 2015 teams don’t mean that this team will make it to Omaha. But, neither does one ugly series on the road mean we won’t.

Very well said. :smiley:

Always like your analysis, Wiz. Spot on. Thanks

It’s an April speedbump. No more. Hell, we’re still in first place. It’s not like the regular season is lost.

Besides, as I’ve noted here before, it matters what you do in June in this sport. Florida does not care one tiny little bit that we run-ruled them in the 2017 SEC Tournament in Hoover. Because they won their last game of the season 32 days later in Omaha.

It’s also possible that that weekend in Starkville will give this team a kick in the rear end for the stretch run.

I already said it in an earlier post, but the Hogs SEC schedule is backloaded from the perspective of good opposing pitching. That is, prior to this week, we played the poorest SEC pitching staffs first. It was not surprising to me that MSU pitching was tough. What was surprising is that MSU took us to the woodshed; a really bad foreshadowing of the future (I’m afraid). A

The difference in this series comes down to a single thing. Hitting with 2 outs. They did, we didn’t.

The end.

It’s baseball. It can be gut-wrenching.
I love it, then I hate it, and then I love it.

In the end, being a Razorback makes it worthwhile.

The Astros were the best team in baseball last year and went through a 5-13 stretch in July and August, and lost five of six during one stretch in September.

That’s the way baseball go.

You have to get some breaks! At Moo U the hogs didn’t get any breaks! We could hit with runners in scoring position. They did! We hit some balls they misplayed and made lucky catches! On 0-2 and 1-2 counts our pitchers gave up hits with 2 outs that changed games!
Coach put our closer in early in the Friday game and left him in too long.
Nothing went right from players decisions to moves coach made with pitchers.
Move on and forget it!

We finished the first half of conference play 10-5, on pace to go 20-10. That would be a rare feat for our program.
Since the SEC went to a 30 game conference schedule (1996), the Hogs have won 20+ conference games in the regular season only once (1999, we went 22-8). We have won 18 (5 times under DVH) or 19 games (once under DVH), but never 20 under DVH.
The SEC is a brutal baseball conference. Top to bottom, it might routinely be the toughest of any of the SEC sports.
We have a great coach. We have a very, very good team. We could finish, say, 18-12 in conference play and end up being ranked inside the top 10 for the entire season.
I love this team. We finally have all the pieces to be a legit contender again in Omaha. Enjoy the season while it lasts, because history shows not many will likely be better.