A Little Perspective After Tonight

The Hogs lost 4 games this year. Two of the teams that beat them played tonight and will play in the Championship. Another team led by pond scum will play in the Sugar Bowl beat them by 1 pt. The final loss was following a killer few games to a team (also scum, probably lower than scum) that played their best game.

I am so proud of them. I hope they can do it tomorrow, but who knows in these Bowl games. It certainly means something to me and I am sure to the guys. Wish them well tomorrow.


Well Jim what do you think?

We were given a gift today that we can talk about for the rest of our lives!

Happy New Year! WPS

Very happy. As our game was winding down, I thought now I can just watch the rest of these games today with a big sense of satisfaction and a smile. That is what I did.


Colorado the season has been a blast!
Sam Pittman’s record as the head coach at Arkansas is 12-11 I think!
4 of those losses are to teams in the CFP. The SEC office didn’t do the hogs any favors last season with the SEC conference schedule only by giving us Georgia, and Florida last year to get the hogs up to 10 games. Then this season we played Georgia again.
If the whistle blows fairly that record could very well be 4 games better especially when the replay booth used different justifications for what a fumble was in back to back games this year and last year.
I’m proud of our Hogs !

I liked that “pond scum”!

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