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Probably been posting too much last night and this morning, but hey, no one has to read it and I am just so appreciative that we are again playing football instead of the mess of the last several years.


Sam told the sideline reporter at half time that we had to start believing we could run behind our Oline and to do it. Boom. The second half starts and here we go with nice runs. Then the whole passing game went crazy. Funny how that works.

Then in his PC, he said that this Oline is really improved and is pretty good (they just might be getting some pretty high level coaching).

I think this was one of the keys to the second half. Believe me, Sam is far more than just a cheer leader with two good coordinators. He knows what he is doing. I think he said that in a round about way when asked about halftime.


Aloha Jim,

Another item overlooked…Arkansas’ FOUR fumbles. We’re fortunate we recovered all of them. One was inside the five-yard line (recovered by John David White?) and at least one other was in our end of the field. Any of those recovered by EOE-K could have been a game changing rally killer.


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I heard them say White on the recovery. I’m pretty sure it was the TE Kern.

White recovered the fumble by Kern.

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Correct, Kern fumbled and JD White recovered. That was two plays before our first TD on the slant to Mike Woods.

Franks was sacked at our 10 midway through the fourth quarter and Dalton Wagner fell on the ball. That was a critical recovery.

Franks just dropped the ball once on a scramble without being hit and fell on his own fumble, and Trelon Smith also fell on his own fumble. Those two happened two plays apart in the second quarter.

All of that is in my game story. Dalton Wagner’s recovery probably averted a Tennessee rally, although the defense seemed to be able to handle the red zone at that point in the game.

Recovering those fumbles is also a sign of good coaching. They are obviously taught to follow the play and to be alert all the way to the end. Sometimes it is just luck, but you often make your own luck by being alert and watching for those things. If you do that, you will get more than your share.


A huge factor in our comeback was the fact that the Tennessee quarterback went out on his first series in the 2nd half due to a hit he took on a run. The 2nd team guy was not nearly as good as the starter.
The Vols were never able to mount any offensive momentum without their starting quarterback. We caught a big break due to the injury.

I’m sure it hurt TN losing their QB, but their QB didn’t play defense. We scored 4 straight possessions in the third qtr. I doubt his injury decided the game.

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