A little off topic...my sons are playing college basketball

My adopted son, Paris Harris, is on a full ride at Itawamba Juco in Fulton, Ms. He’s starting and doing very well in school.

My middle son, KJ Corder, is playing at National Park Community College in Hot Springs on a half scholarship. They have started their basketball program back after about 30 years. In his first home game he had 24 and missed a triple double by just a few assist.

My summer travel team son, Keljin Blevins, makes his debut tonight at Montana State after having to sit out a year. He played his first two years at Southern Miss then transferred to Montana State. He’s starting tonight also. When I started my travel team he was in 6th grade. He was a cry baby, couldn’t dribble and couldn’t shoot. I rode him hard and he never quit. When he got to 8th grade he was a different kid. He has been through a lot his whole life but just keeps on grinding.

Sports can change kids lives!

Awesome update


I’m at College of Chas v Siena right now. I didn’t know Marquise Pointer from Jonesboro ended up with CofC.

Sports can’t change lives without people like you that coach/love/support the kids. Thanks Razorblack I have a ton of respect for you.

Congratulations ! That’s great to hear. I bet I’m the only poster on this board who has seen both National Park(then Garland County CC) and Montana State play in person. Saw the Bobcats play in the finals of the Big Sky tournament in Bozeman in 96.
Garland competed in the old Ozarks Junior College Conference against my Phillip County CC Ridgerunners.

How bout Matt? What is he up to these days?

Thank you guys! My youngest son Matt made the National Park team but really didn’t want to play. He was burned out on basketball I think.

Keljin had 18 last night in a overtime win against Omaha. Next Saturday they play at Louisiana Tech which has our man Xavion Christian from Hot Springs. Going to be great getting to see these two play against each other.