A little love for our O-line

Lost in all the disappointment of yesterday, is the fact that our O-line played really well. I think I could have gained a few yards running through some of those alleyways they opened up. Who were the 5 getting the most snaps on the line yesterday?


yes, their best game of the season, no doubt. shame it was wasted by terrible D and even worse ST’s.

after our RT went down, with gatlin already out, i have no idea who filled in, and even less idea where that run blocking came from.

I also wonder the impact that Jefferson had on our OL. he’s not a speedy runner, but he is an effective runner. that 1st quarter play, where his “blindside” DE came in untouched, and he acted like he didn’t see the guy-even feinted a pass!- then spun around the guy and ran for about 15 yards…yikes that was impressive. like REALLY impressive.

It seemed to really change our whole offense. he isn’t nearly as accurate a passer as FF, not many are, but with him at the helm, our O looked better for en entire game than we have this season.


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Huh? Except for extra points, ST were just fine. No long returns given up, no blocked punts or shanks, kickoffs generally went for touchbacks. And don’t forget a fake field goal that actually worked.

Missed two extra points. That should not happen in a whole season, much less in one game.

Agreed, but that didn’t cost us the game. Giving up 653 yards, 37 first downs and 50 points did. None of which had anything to do with A.J. Reed.

Oline and KJ were both impressive.

That 3rd and long pass KJ delivered was a beauty. He drilled it in there to Burke’s I believe it was. Had a second 3rd long pass that was very catchable dropped by Woods. We score there and maybe the game is out of reach.

agree, swine, but i’m not sure I’ve ever heard of 2 missed PAT’s. thats what I was referring to. and we lost the game by 2 points. ouch.


Say he makes both PATs. We’d still have needed a touchdown at the end, which we got. Do we go for two then to make it 50-47? Possibly but not definitely. So they kick the field goal to tie. Is our defense going to stop them in overtime? I don’t think so which is why Sam went for 2 as it was. And if we go for two then and miss (huge lucky break that the tipped pass went to Woods who caught it), then we still lose 50-48 on the field goal.

Talking ST here, not a non defense. We and the world agree on that. The point was that ST played well. They did except for 2 missed EP; however, that is part of ST and should not happen, especially the block. Also had a block against LSU. That was not fixed during the week.

Uh excuse me guys. This is a love for our O-line thread. Not a rehash the missed PAT’s or our Defense sux thread. Still waiting to hear who the 5 Big Uglies were who were oepning up those wide boulevards yesterday.

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Totally agree on the O Line. Why did we stop running the ball? It was working.

Well at least one 3 and out series late was all runs I think trying to play it safe and run clock. So have to have a mixture of run and pass and play action which all was working for the most part.
Mizzu was lining up to stop the run.

Are you sure about that? All runs on an entire series late after we had a 14 point lead?

2nd Half.
Three and out after half time we were up 7, 3 runs
four and out we were up 10, 2 runs - 2 pass
five and out we were up 7, 5 runs - 1 fumble we recovered
four and out game tied. 1 run - 2 pass - 1 sack, Woods drops pass on 3rd &. 14, would have been 1st down.

Also there was another running fumble in another series we got lucky and recovered.

Left to right
Cunningham, Latham, Stromberg, Clary and Wagner.
Although #70 Luke Jones sub some for Latham, Latham was in game for Trelon Smith TD runs to the left side.

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I finally got a chance to watch the game and the Ol played great! Great push off the ball all game. Missouri was 5th in the conference against the run and we got 295 on the . Smith is very good, his size helps him hard to see and quickness and toughness are impressive… Passed blocked pretty well too… Love our progress up front

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Wouldn’t know for sure, but I bet the Head Coach might know a little something about coaching Oline.

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Agree that the OL deserves lots of love. Great game. Nice gradual improvement this year.

I expect the OL to become a steady strength of the football team as long as Coach Pittman is here. Kudos also to Coach Davis. Nice job.

Thanks bigjohnhog. Did Wagoner stay in the game after getting hurt early?

He was great at the read option also. He’s better at that read play than Franks. If he can improve on his accuracy on the short passes he’s going to be tough.

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