A little love for KJ

I’m really disappointed that so many of our fans are bashing KJ. The guy played hurt yesterday. It was obvious early on that something wasn’t right with him. Still, he gutted it out and may have lead us all the way back. He didn’t get much help from his line yesterday, and one of his picks should have been a TD. The dude is a gamer and I hope he is able to finish out the season. Without him, we have absolutely no chance of winning another game.


Was he hurt, heard it was because he had been sick

He’s been playing hurt for a while. No idea if he was sick too. Tough young man.


did he get any help from his line? what happened to our best practices of the week that Sam said happened? if we could have traded nose tackles with Liberty we might have won, then Liberty gets no pressure and we get lots, However the winning team had the better qB play yesterday as has happened in all 4 of our losses. That is the way of the new game. I believe KJ played up to the C on his chest more than Isiah or Dalton. I feel more for Bumper continuing to gut it out and not having the wheels to play in real game speed.

I worry about mixed messages being sent out by coaches about playing time and play worthiness.

KJ has a bad shoulder. Has not practiced much for weeks. That caught up with him yesterday. Timing was not there. Not much zip.


KJ is a Warrior.

It’s a shame coaches made him carry the load but they must have felt they had no choice.

Sanders and line had great push on previous two point conversion. It’s a shame we didn’t line up and do the same at the end.