A little love for Cole Kelley

The guy has not gone sulking into the night after losing his starting job. He has not caused problems in the locker room. He’s always fired up and encouraging his teammates. When he has been called on, he has produced. He made some big plays in very limited time today. I’m proud of him and hope things work out for him going forward.

Yep, now he just comes in to pound it in the end zone when everybody knows it.

Glad we added to the TE dump pass b/c that will give teams something to think about.

That play was saved for Bama but now it will be in the back of the mind of every defensive coach of the teams we play, keep them guessing is the name of the game. WPS

Now can we have a little love for Cole? !!!

He’s a gunslinger! rares back and lets it rip LOL

He’s not only just a big bull, but a big bull with a canon.

The young man is a team player and a gamer. Sometimes he’s on and sometimes he not! But he leaves it out on the field.

It’s a good thing he has a good attitude but it doesn’t help him hit an open receiver - or move our offense at all.

Novelty. Fun guy. Not a QB.

He gagged on the last one but Pettway might still be running on the one that hit him right in the hands.

Wow. Tough way to lose the game