A little late score prediction thread: Auburn at Arkansas

Who knows? My guess is, Arkansas 28, Auburn 24.

Auburn 44
Arkansas 21

Auburn 42/Arkansas 7.

Auburn is banged up on OL and on defense.

Auburn 27

Arkansas 17

Love seeing Cole Kelly play, season is shot so we are getting a possible look at the future quarterback. That being said, still a stout defense we will face. They will look at Bama film and blitz and try to pressure/confuse him. Running game will be better vs auburn but still not good enough. Malzahn fighting for coaching life and pressure is on him to win big. That being said:

Auburn 41
Arkansas 24

Gus will whip us again.

Auburn 31
Arkansas 17


I think it’ll be much closer than the experts expect.

I’d take the Hogs +15.5

Let’s see:

Give Arkansas the ball 1st and goal from the 5. What are the chance of them scoring a TD against Auburn? Give Auburn the ball 1st and goal from the 5. What are their chances of scoring a TD? The answer to those questions pretty well tells you all you need to know about this game.

Arkansas 10 A late game TD against the 3rd and 4th team.

Auburn 50

Love my Hogs, but they haven’t shown they can stay with good teams…
Auburn 34-21

Auburn ........ 37

Hogs … 17

Ditto on this score. Think we can score 17 on them. 31 sounds about right for their offense against our defense.

Arkansas Razorbacks 28

Gus bus…24

Why not?

Auburn 34, Arkansas 14.

Aubrun 31

Arkansas 7

Auburn 35-Arkansas 7

I think Hogs will hang for a bit, but Aubbie too tough, 35-17 (Yep, i think we will get our 3rd field goal of the year!)

Auburn …45

Tigers 25
Pigs 24

Ark misses the xtra pt for the tie…

Hogs again play the Washington Generals role against the Harlem Globetrotters and lose to another Power 5 team badly at 45-14.