A little hint?

The suspicion on Twitter is that this change was made because the tournament wants to have a Big XII team and by then, Oklahoma will no longer qualify.

Where there’s smoke…

I have wondered if the gold rush to the twelve team playoff is going to result in the SEC demanding that as a condition to start early the Big XII waive the early exit fees for OU and Texas.

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Maybe it will be like the Hogs came into the SEC. Basketball entered the SEC schedule a year before football.


Good point

If I’m not mistaken, the SWC’s contract stated a school must give a two-year notice in football, but only one year for other sports.

Seems like Texas Tech is shadowing our program lately. At least as far as potential match-ups with them.

We beat them in the 2021 NCAA Tournament in a barnburner of a game, and nearly missed playing them again this past spring (when Duke ousted them in the Sweet 16 in San Fran to play us instead). They will be with us in Maui in a couple of months, and now they’ll also join us in the Bahamas next year.

I’ve been impressed with Mark Adams as their coach. I think everyone thought once Beard left they would fall off, but he was apparently an important ingredient in the secret sauce there. Will he be able to recruit well and keep it up? We’ll see.

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The team I wish was “shadowing” us is Kansas. I’ve wanted that scalp for a LONG time. Crazy that we haven’t played them more than we have.

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I was hoping we might get a crack at Nova in this B4A tourney but now that Wright is retired I’m not interested in that matchup anymore. Hopefully it’s us and N Carolina in the tourn. championship game.