A little disappointed our twos

and threes didn’t do more in the second half, but when you’re up 45-0 on a team at half, there’s just not much to expect in the second half. CSP wasn’t going out of his way to get any more points. There was no need to & no need to humiliate PB. Indeed, one of the downsides of playing an instate underdog is making the “fans of both” think we’re purposely trying run up the score. This game played out about like I expected it to. I wish Hornsby could have led one or two good TD drives, but it’s not a huge deal to me that it didn’t happen.

Just hope no one got hurt & others got healed up.

I don’t think Sam would try to run up the score on any overmatched team like that, in state or not.


He has way too much class for that!

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CSP’s comment to the sideline SEC reporter at end of game was that the 2’s didn’t play very well. I view that as the way he motivates.

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No. CSP is not the type to run up the score, especially on an overmatched team. Didn’t mean to imply he would. However, even without trying it’s sometimes hard to avoid. Either way, it’s sometimes a matter of perception and there’s no good to come of beating UAPB 72-0. We made our point by half-time. The goal in the second half was 1. get out with no injuries & 2. get PT for non-starters.

It seems UAPB is equal to our seconds and third teamers.
I hope and pray KJ stays healthy, I don’t think we would win another game this year if he was unable to play.


I’m not sure UAPB is equal to our 2’s and 3’s. i think it might have more to do with practice time those players get. at least thats what id suspect. Our non-starters get SEC offers for a reason. UAPB players are at UAPB because they don’t get better offers.

Green and Thompson certainly didn’t do much to impress their coaches. Way too many balls on the ground today.

yes. it was sloppy.

I’m sure I will be corrected if I am wrong here, but did Hornsby have much chance to play with the 1st teamers in his passing attempts, or was he subjected to poor line play and WR by the 2’s, which hindered his passing development?

It appeared me that our biggest problem with our Back-ups was our OL. #38 and I believe it was #45 for UAPB were in our backfield most of the 2nd half. Qb and rbs had no time for plays to develop.

#58 was in the backfield too often in the 2nd half.

Ok, beating my horse here, but our biggest need is development of a 2nd QB that can pass. You can’t develop him with 2nd string OL, so we missed a major opportunity. If KJ gets hurt, we will pay for that mistake.


I agree that we can only really gauge Hornsby is with him playing with the first string players. Especially OL. Still, his passing is not yet SEC caliber. Pretty easy to observe that. He’s like a HS player from a passing standpoint.

I was happy to see the pt for backups. I thought Ty in OL played pretty good saw him pancake a guy.

I was pleasantly surprised with all of the Lb’s. Thought they looked the part and played pretty good.

Gotta start somewhere.

He needs work, for sure, but he had a touchdown pass dropped today by Rocket.

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