A little advice, please!

My wife and I have decided it’s time to make the trek up from SW Arkansas to watch a Hog baseball game. After years of listening on the radio, and with both of us turning 69 this year, we figured it’s time!

We are gonna try for a couple of the LSU games coming up weekend after this.

Should we try to get tickets in advance? Please give us some tips. We’ve attended several FB games and a couple of basketball, but really don’t know our way around.

Thanks! gOhOgSgO!!!

The LSU tickets are going to be really tough to get this year, especially if Arkansas does like I think it will the next two weeks against Tennessee and Kentucky. The game is already sold out, so the reality is that you’re probably going to have to overpay for them on a third-party site like StubHub. But if it’s a first-in-a-lifetime experience, then the expense over face value might not bother you too much.

On StubHub right now, the chair-back tickets are going for about $40 apiece at minimum on Friday and Saturday.

https://www.stubhub.com/arkansas-razorb … lsrc=aw.ds

And even at that inflated price, it’s still a tremendous value and bang for the buck in my opinion. Especially when considered to the other sports and how much you’d have to pay for a big-time game that was sold out.

You won’t regret it. Well, unless those doggone corndog somehow figure a way to beat us… But it’s our time I think… (However, I’ve said that before)… on the other hand, I’ve been fortunate enough to be there a couple times when we handled them in thrilling fashion. I had great seats right behind the plate when McCann hit his walk off homerun about five or six years ago. The place was nuts! One of my favorite in-person Hog memories.

Thanks, Matt and Wiz!

We aren’t wealthy, but probably spend dang near 40 bucks a game on beer and gas, riding the dirt roads, listening to the broadcast on the radio! Ha!

Now that sounds like a date made in Razorback heaven.

Hope y’all make it up and get to enjoy the game, it’s well worth the drive!

They do put 200 chair back seats behind the Arkansas bullpen for sale every game. But that means getting there early and standing in line for a game like the LSU series. I’d have tickets in my hand before hand. Of course, poor weather can change all of that. But I think Matt’s advice is solid.

I agree with Matt. I hate to miss that series, but I’ll be gone. Y’all enjoy it!

Very cool.

Thanks, everybody! We are excited about attending, but I reckon if all else fails, we can try to locate some dirt roads in Washington County. :smiley:

We got our tickets! Somewhere in the left field stands…booked a place to stay in Eureka Springs. Getting excited! Now just gotta worry about victories and weather. gOhOgSgO!!!

Enjoy! should be a great time to be there.

Better start saving your money so you can get the wife a $7 strawberry kabob. I swear that’s the only reason my 13 y.o. likes to go to the games. Tell him that’s $7 out of his college fund every time he gets one. :slight_smile: