A list

Here is a list of student-athletes who I believe to be on scholarship in 2018. I don’t expect any of these to be on scholarship in 2019.

15 Jared Cornelius, Gary Cross, Hjalte Froholdt, Johnny Gibson, Dre Greenlaw, Kendrick Jackson, Deion Malone, Jon Nance, Jeremy Patton, Santos Ramerez, Randy Ramsey Kevin Richardson, Brian Wallace, Armon Watts and Michael Taylor.

7 Jarrod Barnes, Chevin Calloway, Kyrei Fisher, Alexy Jean-Baptiste, Cole Kelly, Derrick Munson and Maleek Williams.

1 Austin Cantrell (graduated)
1 Dylan Hays (medical hardship)
1 Nate Dalton (dismissed)
1 Dee Walker (legal system)

85-26= 59 still remaining for 2019

If the UA brings in 29 Initial Counters, this leaves the team with plus three at present time.

There could be more than 3 actually transfer or be told their services aren’t needed. By the performance on the field there’s sure plenty that can’t impact the game in a positive way on the field.

Very true. In a case when the number drops below the 85 total scholarship limit at the beginning of a new school year, you see walk-ons awarded scholarships.

In order to bring in Midterm enrollees, the roster must be at the 85 scholarship limit at the beginning of the previous semester.

Here is an excerpt from NCAA rule
A counter who graduates at midyear or who graduates during the previous academic year (including summer) may be replaced by an initial counter, who shall be counted against the initial limit either for the year in which the aid is awarded (if the institution’s annual limit has not been reached) or for the following academic year, or by a student-athlete who was an initial counter in a previous academic year and is returning to the institution after time spent on active duty in the armed services or on an official religious mission. In bowl subdivision football, an institution may use the midyear replacement exception only if it previously has provided financial aid during that academic year to the maximum number of overall counters (85 total counters).