A Lesson from my World

I left the practice of law 20 years ago to become a public-school educator. In my profession, the tendency is to search for the “quick fix;” what program can we adopt, what person can we hire, that will immediately cause student achievement scores to increase in a sustainable way? Answer: none. There is no quick fix. Research tells us that turning around a high school in a sustainable way takes 5-7 years.

I think we face the same situation with our football program. We’re going to have to invest in Sam Pittman the way Kentucky has invested in Mark Stoops. We’re going to have to be resolute, even if it takes two or three more years just to reach 6-6 and make a bowl game.

Simply put, I see no other alternative. We’re going to have to be patient in a world that puts no value on that outlook.

I believe Sam’s demeanor and his passion for our program, university, and state will buy him some goodwill among our fan base. I believe he will get it done here; we will be a winning football program again, but it will take some years to build it back.


Once the decision was made to fire Morris ( no brainer) and hire Pittman this became the only option.

He is a brand new HC so there will be some missteps along the way - off the field and on it - hopefully minimized because Odom is on staff and Sam strikes me as the type of guy who can set aside his ego and be willing to listen to sound counsel. A trait most truly good leaders have.

As long as there is gradual improvement and none of the rank incompetence on display from Morris patience must be in high supply around here which is easier said than done when a program has been mostly down for eight years.

Great post, patience is our only path that will lead us out of the cellar. WPS